The "Red Dead" series is a western-themed role-playing video game developed by "Rockstar Games." The release date for this video game is October 26, 2018.

This video game was nominated for three separate awards. In 2016, for the "most anticipated game" at The Game Award, "most wanted game" at Golden Joystick Awards in 2017, and another "most anticipated game" at The Game Awards in 2017. In this sequel you play as Arthur Morgan, an itchy trigger fingered outlaw and member of the Dutch van der Linde gang.

The origin of the 'Red Dead' series

In 2000, Japanese video game publisher Capcom began funding a group of developers by the name of Angel Studios, now known as Rockstar San Diego, for the completion of the title "Red Dead Revolver," officially the first installment of the series.

In March 2002, the production was announced by Capcom later that year in November, Take-Two Interactive dictator of "Rockstar Games," an American video game distributor and formerly publisher based in New York City, founded in September 1993, purchased all copyrights for Angel Studios and later was renamed Rockstar San Diego.

Dan Houser the creative director at Rockstar Games, mentioned at one point that "Red Dead Revolver" a cowboy styled western video game, had his interest. Once Houser found out "Capcom" canceled the production of the video game in August 2003, Rockstar Games obtained all rights and became the new owner. Rockstar San Diego, a few weeks afterward, would continue with developing the "Red Dead" series.

John Marston's redemption

This video game "Red Dead Redemption," released in 2010, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. You begin in the 1900s, playing as a former outlaw by the name of John Marston, voice actor (Robert Allen Wiehoff). Marston starts the storyline off by being taken away from his family by federal agents who force Marston into a search for his old partners in crime, with the only options of being shot or rotting in jail.

Marston eventually finds the bandit, Bill Williamson, voice over by (Steve J. Palmer), who now formed his own gang and nearly kills you in a shootout leaving Marston, unconscious with a critical gunshot wound. A local woman comes to help you Bonnie Macfarlane, voice over by (Kimberly Irion). Macfarlane nurses you back to health.

While recovering you are able to complete mini and full missions, allowing you to do things as a cowboy moving forward throughout the story. Playing in third person perspective, the graphics look swift and more responsive due to the new gaming engine. It has features of the "Grand Theft Auto" open-world environment and is fully customized toward the western theme setting, with smooth combat systems such as having shootouts with various enemies, interactive wildlife, different type of horse breeds to ride and plenty of weapons to use.

Game mechanics

Duels start off in a standoff and gunfights are made easy due to Rockstar Games mechanics. Whether blind firing, taking cover, targeting specific body parts or just free aiming, you can sufficiently decide how you want to handle each confrontation.

These mechanics also allow you to stop your enemies non-lethally by shooting a ligament with the right weapon. In this series, you have the ability to slow down time exactly, from the "Max Payne" series, giving you a chance to increase your accuracy.

The "Grand Theft Auto" wanted system is in this series as well if you go on a killing spree. Expect your wanted list to go high and have more law enforcement pursue you. Depending on the wanted level the U.S. Marshals will attempt to arrest or kill you. To survive you must stay out of plain sight for a certain time frame for your wanted list to disappear. If your wanted list becomes too high, bounty hunters will seek you out and will attempt to kill you, even if you reach the wilderness.

Multiplayer platform

  • Free Roam - Giving you an open world experience on the multiplayer platform. Like the single-player mode, some bandits overrun areas, but you have the ability to build gangs and complete various missions and take over fortresses using them as hideouts.
  • Competitive Mode - This mode offers various different components such as gold rush, gang shootout, hold your own, and grab the bag. Those components unlock experience points, XP, and perks to build your gunslinging character when you win, including death matches in a western duel setting that begins with a standoff.
  • Co-Operative Mode - This mode offers six different missions such as the kidnapped girl, the river, Walton's gold, and three others with up to 2-4 players online.

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