"Kratos, The Ghost Of Sparta," is based on Greek mythology and is set in ancient Greece. Once the youngest and boldest captain in the Spartan army, starting with just 50 soldiers. He then ended up with thousands of killers, ready and willing to do his bidding. He was known for his savage and effective tactics, becoming well respected throughout his land. Kratos, the character you play throughout the entire franchise, is voiced over by TC Carson.

The 'Ghost of Sparta's' story

The story begins by explaining his corrupted past and the decisions that would haunt him ever since.

In a blink of an eye, in a battle against a large army of barbarians, the Spartans nearly lost the entire war.

Kratos, not willing to accept defeat called out to Ares for his mercy to destroy his foes, making him indebted to the God Of War.

Ares the God of war descended from the sky to rescue Kratos and his beaten men but for a price. Upon receiving the "Blades of chaos" Kratos and his army began a terror like no other, murdering everyone in their path, chasing after the power of "Pandora's box." The outcome was that in time, he could no longer stomach the spilling of blood. This came after a rage that mistakingly spilled the blood of his own wife and daughter. Kratos realized his true enemy was Ares, who spared his life and in return led him and his army to destroy what he cherished the most.

On this day Kratos was marked pale white by the oracle, with the ashes of his deceased family members letting everyone know of his acts for eternity.

Once the Box of Pandora was recovered, Ares than left Kratos to rot in hell for the rest of his life. Kratos survived the fall toward the pits of hell and afterward searched for Ares to get revenge.

Near the ending of "God of war 1" released in 2005, Kratos opened the box of Pandora and killed Ares with the "Blade of the Gods." A mortal had defeated a God which was unheard of but finally done.

In the end, nightmares of Kratos horrific acts would plague him for the rest of his existence. The oracle would not remove his memories as a curse and reminder of his harsh deeds.

This video game would begin and end with these words spoken by Kratos "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me." He attempted to plunge to his death from the highest of mountains in Greece. Realizing he still was alive, he saw that the Gods would not let him take his own life, ultimately becoming the new God of War. Kratos then sat upon the throne in Olympus.

Kratos as a child

Kratos was born in a small village out of wedlock, not knowing his real father. But rumors started and then continued to grow about who his real father was.

His mother was forced to flee the village which was explained in the video game. "God of war: Ghost of Sparta" released in 2010 and Kratos and his brother's real journey started with training for the Spartans army.

The strongest kids became warriors to protect Sparta. The weakest were caged and taken away to the mountains to fend for themselves. Considered as the weakest link was every child's fear in Sparta.

During one day of training the two brothers, it was explained by the oracle that Ares had come to take the marked warrior Deimos and left Kratos behind. Further in the story, you learned that Deimos was captured and brought into the realm of death by Ares because they feared he would one day conquer the Gods. Deimos waited patiently for his brother to rescue him but that day never came. Years after years of Thanatos torturing him, Deimos no longer believed his brother would save him. He then became consumed with hate during the rest of his lonely childhood days.

Kratos, in fact, was told by his mother that Deimos was killed. Kratos would eventually get a mark just like Deimos to honor his memory. In the Video Game Series you learn his brother is still alive and attempt to rescue him but during a battle between Thanatos your brother is killed and buried next to his mother. Kratos during gameplay finds out he has a sister and his real father is Zeus the father of Olympus. I recommend everyone to play the series to learn more about this franchise.

'God of war' the video game series

  1. "God of war I" released on March 22, 2005, sold over 4 million copies.
  2. "God of war II" released March 13, 2007, sold 4.4 million copies.
  3. "God of war: Chain of Olympus" March 4, 2008, sold 3.4 million copies
  4. "God of war: Collection" November 17, 2009, a two in one package.
  5. "God of war III" March 16, 2010, sold 5.2 million copies.
  6. "God of war: Ghost of Sparta" November 2, 2010, sold 1.2 million copies.
  7. "God of war: Origin collections" September 13, 2011, sold over 700,000 copies.
  8. "God of war: Saga" August 28, 2012, did not like this game much.
  9. "God of war: Ascensions" March 12, 2013, was also a good seller.

'God of war 4' releases April 20 of this year.

Throughout the entire series, you learn more about Kratos and his history.

The mythological masterpiece that was brought forth in the "God of War" series is what makes the previous versions classic still to this day. The historical characters within the game, although you play as a mortal nothing seems to stop Kratos, taking down Gods on his to-do list while getting revenge.

In "God of war 4," the newest edition, you play as an older Kratos, accompanied by his son Atreus. The notable change will be that previous "God of war" Video Games are set in the Greek mythology times. This version will be in Norse mythology. Kratos will attempt to reveal a different side of himself to viewers and Atreus his son, as a mentor and protector. His rage that motivates him was also a curse for him. Developers Santa Monica Studios and Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment has never let the players down and I'm confident this will be another big seller.