The 'Overwatch' Team announced this morning on Twitter when we can expect to see Brigitte join the battle.

Exactly three weeks from her official reveal, (and a few nerfs later) we now know when to expect Hero 27 to leave the PTR and make her way to the front lines. March 20, 2018.

What can we expect from Brigitte?

As a support hero that is a blend of two other heroes in the game, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt, Brigitte will bring a front-line mentality to the support class. Her shield, while smaller then Reinhardt's is still an integral part of her kit that will play into her biggest draw, her crowd control ability.

As long as Overwatch has been played competitively, Genji and Tracer have seen a constant play, to the point where if a team doesn’t have a top-tier Tracer or Genji on their team, they are considered a non-contender. This is because, in 'Overwatch,' mobility is key, especially in the era of the dive composition.

Brigitte is special in that she has multiple abilities designed to specifically counter the more mobile of the heroes.

She has a stun ability in her Shield Bash, and she has a push with her Whip Shot, and her inspiring ability gives healing to both herself and nearby allies as long as she is in combat. As a support, she also has healing via her Repair Pack, which is interesting in its ability to do over-healing giving up to 75 armor to allies, and her ultimate ability, Rally, which gives her allies 30 armor per second.

What about the meta?

Jeff Kaplan has promised Brigitte will be “Meta changing” and unlike Doomfist who was supposed to do the same, Brigitte certainly has the potential. Her ability to protect both the front and back lines are going to hinder Tracer and Genji heavy compositions.

Conversely, Brigitte will be a very juicy target for the newly buffed Sombra, as many of her best abilities will be locked away after getting hacked.

Additionally, as another melee focused character, Brigitte will be unable to deal with Pharah, making her a very tempting counter-pick.

Speaking of Doomfist, given his ability to punch right through shields, expect to see him as a hard Brigitte counter. Especially in a close-quarters map such as Control Center and the final push on Eichenwald. Brigitte has the potential to change the meta in a way not seen since Ana or the Junkrat buff that saw him go from a low-skill niche pick to one of the top DPS heroes in the game.

That is until we get Jetpack Cat.