The latest installment of the Iron Banner is officially live alongside its new rewards. The "Destiny 2" community is also waiting for the next big update (1.1.4) that is slated to arrive later this month. That said, the devs' sandbox team has teased yet again some of the weapons they've been working on that will be rolled out alongside the upcoming patch.

Exotic tuning hints

Jon Weisnewski from Bungie's Sandbox Team has made some hints about the Exotic tuning that is currently in the works. In one of his recent tweets, he mentioned of the Sturm Exotic hand cannon and the WWII-looking sidearm – Drang as both weapons took the top spot in the eight-player rumble.

Prior to this, Weisnewski made a couple more tweets as he hinted something about FX doing their "pass on [redacted] projectile tracers" and a Rat King Masterwork happening in a 6v6 PvP. It was not detailed, however, what they meant about the former, but he could be referring to either grenade launchers or a new weapon.

In line with this, Bungie's new Community Manager – Dylan Gafner (dmg04) recently stated in Bungie's forum page that update 1.1.4 will also bring in tweaks for grenade launchers adding that he had a "blast" in one of their playtests.

That said, it may well seem that tomorrow's installment of This Week at Bungie will be focused on the much-awaited Sandbox changes as it was hinted on his most recent tweet.

Dmg also revealed in the forums that this month's update will also include changes to the Power Ammo economy.

He further explained that players will have more opportunities aside from timed power ammo crates on maps. Gafner added that power ammo spawn timers will be tweaked as well so that the "Destiny 2" player base will have more chances of getting those crates as they spawn.

On Nightfall Scoring 'cheese' and Masterworks rewards

Both Christopher Barrett and Cozmo, on the other hand, responded to some of the community's concerns about "Destiny 2." When asked about guaranteed Masterwork weapon rewards if such idea will be introduced in the game, Barrett replied that it's currently being worked on by the dev team.

Meanwhile, Cozmo assured players that they won't be using the high scores that other players got using the "cheese" method in Nightfall as the basis for adjusting the emblem tiers.

Dmg even took to Twitter to appease players about this issue. However, he stated that a fix won't be possible in 1.1.4 and such workaround might be included in May's update (1.2.0). Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: