"Destiny 2's" 1.2.0 update is slated to be released in May alongside its second expansion that was initially dubbed as "Gods of Mars." However, alleged leaks were recently spotted online suggesting that Bungie might be thinking of renaming the game's next DLC. New screenshots have come to light yet again as it detailed what the upcoming content has in store for the online-only shooter's player base.


Another snapshot of a GameStop listing has been brought to light yet again and this time, it featured additional information about "Destiny 2's" next DLC.

Be reminded though that this could be just one of those nicely photoshopped "leaks" that were done by trolls who just want to mess around with the game's community hence, it should be taken with grains of salt.

Per the alleged leak, "Destiny 2's" next expansion – dubbed here as "The Fallen Warmind" will have Mars as the game's next destination where Guardians are set to journey with new story missions and adventures. It was also stated that the Warmind Rasputin has gone missing and the hero of the Battle of the Twilight Gap – Ana Bray has returned to The Last City to forewarn about a so-called "dark uprising" on the planet.

The leak also mentioned of a "corrupted Warmind" where players are "bound to uncover the truth behind the Collapse." It also hinted at the following:

  • New competitive multiplayer arenas
  • New cooperative activities
  • New themed weapons, armor, and gear
  • Exploring Mars and the Deep Stone Crypt

Player base's thoughts

The snapshots were also posted over on Destiny's subreddit (/u/ ProudSentient).

Players who got to check on this felt like there's nothing much to wow them as one of the comments stated that there's "nothing crazy that sticks out." Others were given the impression that Bungie's just purging old concepts and stories from the first game. However, there are a few who are still hyped about it (if the leaks were true) and are musing what caused the Collapse.

As mentioned, new leaks about the game's upcoming expansion have been making rounds these past few days as screenshots from both Amazon and GameStop allegedly posted a listing of the DLC. It donned "The Fallen Warmind" title alongside its release date of May 8. However, the listings on both websites were said to have been taken down before it could draw more attention.

"Destiny 2's" 1.1.4 update will go live on March 27 while the next big update (1.2.0) will be rolled out sometime in May according to Bungie's Development Roadmap. Check out a video about the game here: