What is "Fortnite"? If you haven’t heard about this amazing game yet, let me tell what "Fortnite" is. This game is based on cooperative sandbox gameplay, where you need to collect resources to build a castle or a fort during the daytime and defend against huge hordes of zombies at night.

It is better to cooperate with someone because it will increase chances to survive for both of you. The game also contains different classes, and every class owns their unique abilities and bonuses. For example, builder builds much faster and spends fewer resources, while the ninja is a beast in close combat.

The game is quite simple and yet extremely interesting and fun to play. One of the developers, Tim Sweeney, described this game as a mix of "Minecraft" and "Lefr4dead".

New 'Battle Royale' mode with unique way of gameplay

It is no secret that Video Games inspired by "Hunger Games" are quite popular nowadays, games like "PUBG" and "H1Z1" have huge followings. And now, "Fortnite" opened their own Battle Royale mode, which contains unique gameplay. Instead of simple hiding and killing other players, you can collect materials like wood or different scrub to build your fortress anywhere in the battlefield. That gives players new ways to hide, defend and even attack, because you can build even if you are running to the enemy’s position, and it really helps to avoid bullets.

The game starts with travel on the flying bus( yes, flying bus! ) then, you and other 90-99 gamers simply drop wherever you want, collect weapons and resources and assassinate other players.

After a few minutes game generates a circle on the map, in which you have to stay, otherwise - you will take a huge amount of damage and die.

Then, circle gets smaller and smaller, and that makes battle with other gamers unescapable. The winner is the player who survived and stayed alone, the last man standing.

Also, you can play in a team with your friends against other teams; in this mode, the winner is the survived squad.

Reasons to play 'Fortnite'

If you are interested in this game, here are some reasons why you should play it:

  • "Fortnite" is really interesting survival game and free-to-play in "Battle Royale" mode.
  • "Fortnite" is still in developing, can you imagine how cool the game will be at the finish? In some of the new patches, we will get cars, whats next?
  • "Fortnite" has nice graphics and well-optimized for old computers.
  • The gameplay, as I mentioned before, is simple, but really enjoyable and interesting, you will have a lot of fun while playing this game.