"Rick and Morty" will release three new Board Games. The games will be produced by Cryptozoic, a publisher and developer of licensed board games. The new games were announced at Toy Fair New York. However, these games will not be the first game released featuring the animated series. The brand released a card game in 2016 called "Rick and Morty Total Rickall." The series show has been on television since 2013. The animated series tells the tale of a scientist and his grandson whom you might expect to be smarter.

Exploring three new 'Rick and Morty' games

One board game is titled, "Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy". The Multiverse Game is about showing technologies that create power to other universes. The game involves taking the four characters; Rick, Morty, Kyle, and Zeep on an adventure across multiverses. The game occurs in four different places; Microverse, Rickverse, Teenyverse, and Miniverse. The lower universes have less power, making it more difficult for you to develop powerful tools. Also, the order in which you use the players in each universe matters.

It’s necessary to conserve enough power to graduate through all of the levels. The game allows you to reach into other universes in order to draw power to build your tools and level up.

The board game involves more than 100 pieces, so you’re sure to have hours of enjoyment. Playing the Pickle Rick Game, you’ll find yourself in a world as Pickle Rick attempting to escape a highly guarded compound. One player works to escape while the other players are the roles of Jaguar and the Russians.

The last game Rick and Morty: The "Rickshank Rickdemption" Deck-Building Game is more judicial.

The deck game involves even more cards than "The Ricks Must Be Crazy." The deck building game involves players voting on rules. These new offerings should satiate "Rick and Morty" fans until they are able to enjoy the characters in virtual reality. The brand is slated to have a virtual reality game on PS4. The games should be an excellent way to begin the next episodes of the show.

Season four of the show will be available to view in 2019. It is estimated that the coming season will have at least 10 episodes. No guest stars have been confirmed as of yet.

'Rick and Morty' enter the music industry

The duo is featured on Logic’s mixtape called "Bobby Tarantino II." The song featuring the duo is titled "Grandma’s Spaceship." The video also features the two playing the tambourine and singing.