Epic Games, creators of "Fortnite," do not slow down at all. More "Fortnite" news today on Twitter as they will soon be introducing remote explosives. This comes just days after the news of "Fortnite mobile" and cross platform match-making. Developers at Epic Games continue to add and improve the players' arsenals and introduce new weapons to the game. How will this change the online shooter and what are fans' reactions to the news? Do you think "Fortnite" is going too fast with it's Battle Royale mode and will this fad die out in the near future?

How does this change 'Fortnite'?

According to a "Fortnite" Twitter post presenting the newest addition, there was a mixed reaction among avid fans. Some players are saying that adding new and exciting weapons to the expanding arsenal is a step in the right direction and to keep growing to keep it fresh and energizing. However, there is another side of the player fan-base who are happy just the way "Fortnite" is and think adding things like remote controlled explosives is just asking for trouble. With the map the size that it is, will these new explosives cause too much disarray among fans, and will we have a larger issue with gaming's most tedious issue, campers?

Whether you believe this will be a good addition to the arsenal and overall gameplay or think it will break the fun, you cannot be mad at Epic Games for wanting to create and add to their game.

With every new weapon, vehicle, or map, there comes good and bad, but the point is to continue to enjoy yourself and game on.

Will 'Fortnite' be able to keep up this momentum?

There is no question that "Fortnite" has taken over the world and its significance is vastly noticed.

Although, with such momentum and energy plowing forward so quickly, will there be plenty of content and additions in the future to keep it afloat? It seems that every other day we are getting new and exciting news from Epic Games pertaining to "Battle Royale." Are they going to be able to pace this right or is this too much at once?

Battle Royale's are popping up in games everywhere, and the game mode is exploding in pop culture. Like any other trend, though, this is bound to come to an end, especially in today's fast-paced, internet world. What do you think of the Battle Royale mode and remote explosives? Is Battle Royale your favorite game mode currently, and will you continue to play "Fortnite" with each new weapon or map?