Digital Extremes has just officially revealed an upcoming update for "Warframe's" massive expansion - "Plains of Eidolon." Dubbed the "Shrine of Eidolon," the inbound content will be ushering in a couple of new Eidolons that are "far more powerful than the Teralyst."

Tougher titans

The game maker recently took to both Twitter and YouTube to announce the inbound update. As mentioned, two behemoths will be added to the fray and Tennos need to prep up as these Eidolons are said to be tougher than the current one.

Per DE's latest blog post, the Hydrolist is a new Eidolon that has some toxic properties in it.

Additionally, the beast also has a very strong "aroma" as it serves some sort of a warning signal to others of its arrival. It is also believed by the Ostrons that whenever this type of Eidolon appears, a natural disaster will ensue.

The other titan – known as the Gantulyst will be donning a huge boulder for an arm not to mention that it spews out "powerful beams of Sentient energy." It was even noted that the Ostrons built a shrine in hopes that they earn its trust.

Tennos, on the other hand, who are proven worthy will be getting Riven Transmuters from these walking behemoths. These transmuters have the ability to convert four Riven Mods into a new Riven. Be reminded though that the mods should be of the same type as it will yield a new one.

The update will also allow Tennos to pilot the Grineer combat skiff known as the Dargyn.

Prime Vault and a hotfix

Meanwhile, Digital Extremes officially opened "Warframe's" Prime Vault where Ember, Frost, and Loki Prime sets are reintroduced into the game for a limited time. The developer also rolled out Hotfix 22.11.1 where Prime Relics of Glaive, Latron, Reaper, Bo, Wyrm, Sicarus, Ember, Frost, and Loki were added as Cetus Bounty rewards.

New Relics were also introduced which include what is listed below.

  • Neo F1
  • Neo E1
  • Meso E1
  • Meso F3
  • Axi L1
  • Axi S2
  • Lith G2

DE also stated that these items can be acquired through Syndicate rewards or from Relic Packs located in the Market. They further explained that the Relics were placed in the Bounties to allow for an "extremely focused" acquisition of these items.

DE added that this will leave the Star Chart open for new Relics by the time they roll out another Prime Access.

"Warframe: Prime Vault" will be open for a couple of months as Bounties reward rotations from tiers two to five with a guaranteed Vaulted Relic. Check out a video about the game below.