The launch trailer for Shadow of the Colossus is out and it looks amazing. What was once a visually stunning game when released in 2005 for the PS2 by Team Ico, the new graphical capabilities of the PS4 really pushes the visuals in this game even further. Trees shake as the Colossus stomps by. The landscape is a conflicting oasis of beauty and desecration. The entire world looks to be a barren wasteland, and it has never looked so good.

Blueprint have wasted no effort in this game. Not content with just re-releasing the game, as they had done for the PS3 back in 2011, they have redone the entire game from the ground up.

A game that is a unique and awe-inspiring experience now has that graphical oomph to make it look as good as it feels.

Wandering into the den of monsters

The trailer starts with Wander, our hero, recoiling as a gigantic creature smashes the ground in front of him. Another Colossus then pulls itself up, slowly and methodically, exactly how you would expect it from a 50-foot tall monster made of stone. You get the impression that these things are alive. The Colossus gets to its feet and its eyes start to glow, reminding you that you are just one little man standing against an otherworldly monster.

The next Colossus is a gigantic stone snake slithering through the sand. Wander luckily has his horse, Agro, to help get him away from its lunging bites. Another Colossus, this time in the water with electric fins sticking out, has Wander racing across its back before it dives back underwater. The visual effects really stand out. You can see water being pushed away from the gargantuan beast, sparkling sprays drenching Wander as he charges towards its head.

In the most visually impressive part of the trailer, Wander grabs onto a swooping Colossus. The bird-like creature, if birds were made of stone but could somehow fly anyway, takes off into the air. You can see Wander have a grasp of its wing, and as the Colossus writhes and shakes, Wander flails spastically in the air to keep his grip. Every part of the creature looks impressive, even as it tries to drop you to your doom.

A gigantic creature slowly starts to scale the mountain edge Wander is standing on. Then, another monster peers into the cave where Wander hides. Soon enough, we see Wander perched atop each great beast as they try to shake him off. Each movement of the giants looks incredibly detailed and lively, down to each tuft of hair shimmering as they frantically try to dislodge our hero. The graphics look so good you can almost see each hair slowly start to turn white out of the frustration of dealing with Wander. The trailer ends with blood squirting out of their heads as they roar silently in pain and horror, and even this brief moment of accomplishment looks hauntingly beautiful.

Trying not to pull too much Agro

The launch trailer for "Shadow of the Colossus" lets you know everything you need to know. The Giant Monsters look incredible, even as they are trying to pulverize you. There is a huge and beautiful wasteland for you to explore. Your horse is your best friend, and its tail wisps beautifully as it runs away from the latest monstrosity.

If you haven’t played "Shadow of the Colossus" before, the trailer will give you a taste and leave you wanting more. If you have played "Shadow of the Colossus," then the trailer will bring you the wave of nostalgia and awe you felt when you first experienced it.

"Shadow of the Colossus" is out for the PS4 on February 6 in the US and February 7 for the rest of the world.

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