Psyonix's vehicular soccer game "Rocket League" is set to celebrate its second anniversary next month, and the studio has announced that a new update to go along with it. The game, which debuted on PlayStation 4 and PC in July 2015, also made its way to Xbox One in February last year.

The game's Anniversary Update is free for all platforms when it arrives on July 5. In fact, it will bring a slew of new content to the game, including more cars and customization options, a brand new arena, and more achievements, trophies, music, and more.

New Champions Field stadium arriving in July

"Rocket League" players will be happy to know that a new stadium called Champions Field will be introduced in next month's Anniversary update. According to Comic Book, the new arena is a "standard, modern-looking stadium" that will be available for players in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches. In addition, the Champions Field will also be available for those who participate in the eSports Rocket League activities. Meanwhile, players will also get their hands on two new import battle-cars called Animus GP and Centio V17.

According to Gamespot, the new vehicles will arrive through the Overdrive Crate, which is a new item drop. Players will be able to customize their cars as they please and even select their own Engine Audio, to change the way their engine sounds.

Players can also customize their Goal Explosions to their preferred fire, ice, and purple fireworks, and Trails for a unique smoke trail.

New achievements and trophies arriving with Anniversary update

Players should also expect some awesome new Achievements and Trophies in the new Anniversary update for "Rocket League." As per Gamespot, players will also be able to listen to 18 new songs from Monstercat through the game's very own radio station, Rocket League Radio.

Meanwhile, the Rocket League Championship Series Season Three World Championship has just come to an end, and Northern Gaming was crowned the winner of the game.

Psyonix game reaches milestone

Back in July 2015, Psyonix's vehicular soccer game was released to positive reviews from gamers and critics alike.

"Rocket League" went on to sell over 10.5 million copies across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As of March this year, it had more than 29 million registered players. The game is produced by Sarah Hebbler and directed by Thomas Silloway, along with Jared Cone for programming.