"Shadow Of The Colossus" makes its way to the PS4 this week. There are plenty of other releases to look forward to if you aren't a fan of the game."The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia" also makes its debut to the PS4 this week. It is a PS4 exclusive. Another anime game coming out this week is "Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [ st ]".This version expands upon the original 2D arcade fighting game with a story mode and online battles. Here is the list of upcoming games being released this week.

February 6-8 releases

The only game coming out on Tuesday is "Shadow of the Colossus.

" In this game, you must travel to the cursed land, slay colossi, and travel on horseback to save a lost loved one.Unlike other remakes, this one doesn't mess around with the original gameplay. It is a faithful remake that was built from the ground up. It is coming to retailers and digital. However, most of the games coming out this week will be digital releases only.

"Aegis Defenders" is a 2D action, platformer, strategy game. In this game, you play as a team of ruin hunters searching for the very thing that can save their home. It is a legendary weapon called the Aegis.The goal of the game is to explore, build, and defend. It comes out February 8 and is a digital release only. "Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 1" is also being released on the same day.

It is a 2D side-scrolling epic fantasy ARPG. This is the first episode of the game.

February 9 releases

The release that I am personally looking forward to the most is "The Seven Deadly Sins" Knights of Britannia". "The Seven Deadly Sins" must assemble once again to save the Kingdom of Liones. The storyline of the game is based on the anime series.

It is the first game of the series.You will get to play through all the memorable fights with each character having their own fighting style. All the members of the "Seven Deadly Sins" will be featured.

"Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [ st ]" also comes out on the same day.This title will be released to all PlayStation systems.

It is a one-on-one fighting game that has been popular in Japanese arcades for years. The game will feature 19 stages, single-player story, and 20 characters to play. Another title that is being released this week is "Dragon Sinker". This is a retro-style RPG fantasy game. Elves and Dwarves must join forces in order to slay the evil dragon. Players must travel the world, search for new companions, and collect unique job skills.