Riot starts the new year off with revamping the old Lore of everyone's favorite arsonist, Annie. A Revamp of Annie's lore was predicted but no one knew when, which is why the update was practically out of nowhere and caught everyone by surprise. Players were shown teasers of this revamp through pictures of a burning flower on the Facebook page of League of Legends' Brazil account, it was later confirmed by Riot that the teaser was of Annie when they released a trailer for the project on their main twitter account. Although Annie hasn't received a major rework this expansion of Annie's lore paints a much clearer picture of who Annie really is.

The old lore

To see if the updated lore is an improvement on Annie's character we need to actually know what the original lore was. Annie's lore goes into a lot of detail but most of it pertains to information that is no longer relevant at all in the current world of League. According to the old lore Annie got her powerful magic from being the child of mages and being birthed in "The Voodoo Lands," Annie was essentially made out to be a magical prodigy, able to take down a vicious entity and keep it locked in a stuffed animal which she called Tibbers.

Why her lore needed an update

If you're wondering why this is the first time you're hearing about "The Voodoo Lands" it's because Annie was the only champion throughout the entire game that originates from it.

There were plans to release a shaman champion from the Voodoo lands but that champion was scrapped way back when. Annie's lore desperately needed to be improved as it was rather simple, had details that didn't really matter and was outdated.

Annie's new lore

The written part of Annie's lore goes over how Annie's parents, who were a mage and a witch, had to seek refuge from Noxus and decided to set up home in a dangerous part of the world known as the borderlands.It was a demonstration of their strength although inhabiting the borderlands was a shadowy beast resembling a bear.

Shortly after the two set up their home the wife gave birth a girl they named Annie. Unfortunately, when Annie was just a toddler, she and her father fell ill leaving the mother to take care of them. She decided to go get water from a nearby river but she never returned from the trip. After years passed the father met another woman who he had grown to love with a daughter of her own named Daisy.

The rest of the story is continued in Annie's newest cinematic right here. This new lore and cinematic add far more depth and character which the champion lacked before. This revamp will certainly breathe back life into one of the leagues most iconic champions. For more interesting league related contents check here or here.