"Fortnite" has taken the gaming world by storm. This year alone has been spectacular for video games with many entertaining multiplayer shooters and exciting games scheduled to arrive later in the year. The game has gone through many updates that included stripping away other weapons, adding others, and fixing bugs. Now, the developer has added an exciting update that brings a Giant Teddy Bear Parachute and other fun elements.

One of the other popular games this year has been "Overwatch" and while it has been a terrific game, it seems that "Fortnite" is starting to catch up.

"Overwatch" is another multiplayer shooter that lets a player chose which hero to use and compete in many different fun game modes. "Fortnite" is a different game, and has been getting more popular with the updates.

The update

An article by GameSpot.com written by author Chris Pereira gives information on one of the latest updates for the game. The article states that "players start out the match in a flying vehicle that passes over the island. When you're ready, you jump and eventually deploy a parachute to ensure a safe landing." There are options that a player can choose, but now there is a teddy bear parachute -- yes, that is correct, a teddy bear parachute.

The bear is giant and it functions as a glider.

It gives off a significant appearance to others in the name of swag. From the short video, it is called "Bear Force One," a clever name for the contraption.

If you want this glider it is going to cost you "1,500 V-Bucks. This can be earned to some extent through gameplay, but it's primarily obtained through real-money purchases, and 1,500 V-Bucks is roughly equivalent to $15." So it is going to cost you money and it can be difficult to acquire with just playing the game.

The item will only be available for a limited time so if you want it you will have to act fast. It will cost you to arrive in style.

The rise of 'Fortnite'

The game has been compared to "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and has been very successful for both the Xbox One and PC.

The big difference is "Fortnite's" cartoonish appearance and other obvious changes. Either way, both games have been very successful and have taken over with addicting gameplay and constant changes to improve the gameplay and add new items. "Fortnite's" popularity is soaring and it does not look like it will stop anytime soon. Players can go and get the teddy bear parachute to arrive in pure style.