Happy Year of the Dog, fellow gamers! "Overwatch" has been hosting a Chinese New Year Event every year with lots of loot, events, and changes to the game, which excites players and fans alike. Blizzard is delivering an amazing event yet again this year, and there is just so much to take in. Here is what we know so far:


Like every "Overwatch" special event, Blizzard has designed special skins available via loot boxes in-game. According to Blizzard's official Lunar New Year page, there are 50 new seasonal items available this year, including legendary skins like Black Lily Windowmaker and Xuanwu Zarya, among others.

In addition, skins and gear from last Lunar New Year are available for purchase at a reduced credit cost.

Capture the Flag

"Overwatch" has announced gameplay changes to its Capture the Flag mode. Flag pickup is instant, but you cannot pick up flags until 5 seconds after they are dropped. Flag returns take 4 seconds, which aren't interrupted by taking damage. According to the official page, mobility and invulnerability moves drop the flag, and music plays while you carry it around the map! When the round starts over, the flags are moved closer to the center, and the first team to capture wins. All these changes will apply to older maps as well.

New map: Ayutthaya

This new capture the flag map is based on a real place in Thailand.

Be sure to check it out.

New highlight intros and emotes

In addition to amazing and beautiful skins, there are new highlight intros and emotes for certain heroes in the game. McCree, Tracer, Fortune, and Roadhog all have new highlight intros. In addition to these heroes (minus Tracer and Fortune), Doomfist, D.va, Mei, and Junkrat have new emotes to try out.

Considering there is so much loot and so many things to try out, it might be overwhelming to someone who is new. If you have just started, here are some tips for you (and for everyone) to make the most of this event:

  • Play as much as you can: this is to ensure you can grab as many free skins as possible so you can snag the ones for heroes you love. The more you play, the better your chances.
  • Don't be discouraged: it is frustrating to open lootbox after lootbox and still not get the skin you want. It's okay, the chance for you to get your desired skin is high if you are regular with your playtime.
  • Try your hardest: even if you die a lot, pat yourself on the back, stretch a bit, and grab something to drink or eat.
  • Observe your favorite players: "Overwatch" pros have a lot of tips and tricks to up your game and improve your skills.
  • Have fun: this is a game, after all. Don't be too hard on yourself.