A new month is here (February). For PlayStation Plus subscribers, that means new free games (with even more coming soon)! As with every month, each current Sony platform is getting a set of two games, totaling in six games for those with a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation 3, and a PS Vita.

PlayStation 4

This month's PlayStation 4 games consist of two hotly anticipated titles that failed to live up to their hype. Perfect candidates for February freebies.

"Knack was a PlayStation 4 launch title that places players in the shoes of the titular character. This family-friendly action platformer gives players powerful shape-shifting abilities in order to defend the world from the Goblin Army.

More platforming comes with "Rime." Launching initially on the Nintendo Switch, "Rime" is a gorgeous game where you wake up as a child on an unknown island. You must explore this island, solving puzzles to find your way to the peak.

PlayStation 3

If you're still holding on to your PlayStation 3, you'll be happy to know you're getting two more free games for the platform.

"Spelunker HD" is a high-definition remake of the popular 1985 NES title. While the gameplay remains largely the same, this version comes with 100 new levels and over 10 new areas to play in. Mine your way to riches either by yourself or with three friends.

RPG fans will be happy to see "Mugen Souls Z" coming to the PlayStation 3.

The second game in the franchise, "Z" lightens up on the difficulty that alienated players the first time around. That said, the game is still a challenging turn-based experience.

PS Vita

While the system was a commercial flop, those loyal gamers who still hold their Vita will be happy to gain two more free games to play.

"Exile's End" is a Japanese take on the Inescapable franchise.

This title offers an exploration focused 2D side-scrolling experience in a stunning alien world. It's the perfect title to play on your portable system.

Tactical role-playing fans should enjoy "Grand Kingdom." Showcasing a stunning 2D art style, throw yourself into the middle of a war between the four great nations. Spend your time gaining their favor or take them all on by yourself.

The choice is yours.

Don't forget that PlayStation Plus members have a free bonus game available until March 6. "Starblood Arena" is a PS VR title that has you battling to become the best pilot in the galaxy.

All PlayStation Plus titles are available for as long as you keep a subscription going. Should you cancel your subscription, you lose access to these games until you decide to renew. If you're looking for more free fun on your PlayStation 4, check out "Fortnite."