Epic has officially rolled out the details for "Fortnite's" season 3 Battle Pass. The game's player base has more reasons to grind as the game maker is slated to drop additional tiers into the third-person shooter.

Season 3 Battle Pass

Per Epic's recent blog post, the upcoming spacesuit skin – the Mission Specialist Outfit will be part of the game's third season. Quite a number of fans have been expecting this since it was already teased by the game maker early on. Alongside it is the breakdown of some of the tiers that will be added to the game's cosmetics pool.

An interesting part of it are the three new cosmetics that will be introduced in the game – loading screens (x8), skydiving FX trails (x5), and back blings (x3).

A total of 30 tiers will be added into the game raising the number of cosmetics to 76. Epic added that players can still be able to complete the upcoming battle pass albeit the additional number of tiers. Players also have the option to purchase tiers for 150 V-bucks apiece.

Back blings?

The back blings have caught some of the players' interest as they are musing what kind of cosmetic it is.

That being said, Epic provided some details on what these upcoming items are. According to "Fortnite BR's" Technical Lead Pete Nub, it will be some sort of a backpack, though it will not affect a player's inventory.

He also revealed that the Raptor's backpack will be an "equippable item" by the time season 3 goes live. Nub further explained that players may either opt to pick the character's backpack as their back bling or other back blings from the upcoming battle pass.

He went on stating that players may also pick other back blings from the characters that they currently own.

Other concerns

In line with this, some players have been recently complaining about the Raptor's backpack claiming that it is glitched.

"Fortnite" faithfuls who have experienced it claim that the bag suddenly floated away from them leaving the metal frame still equipped on the character's back.

Meanwhile, other players are irked about the game's wall spikes as they believe that it's too sensitive. This has become one of the growing concerns among players as they are suggesting that the wall trap should be triggered by the spikes themselves instead of the entire wall. Epic, on the other hand, recently responded regarding this issue and stated that it has been escalated for further investigation.

Epic has yet to disclose a definite date for the battle pass' release. However, it is believed that it could be rolled out later this week. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: