"Fortnite's" patch number 2.5.0 has brought it new content, QoL improvements, and bug fixes into the game. Epic has just hinted about the upcoming 3.0.0 update that is expected to drop more tweaks into the game and one of them has set its crosshairs towards the Pump Shotgun.

Definitely a blast while it lasted

Epic Games recently took to FortniteBR's subreddit to address the upcoming changes to the close-ranged weapon. They pointed out that the Pump Shotgun's power is balanced through its slow reloading speed. However, players have found a workaround to that weakness via the so-called double pump technique and it has grown to be a staple among its player base.

With that said, the game maker announced that they'll be making some changes with the Pump Shotgun's reload animation. Per Epic's Reddit post, the quick switch will no longer allow the shotgun to fire instantly. Instead, it will prompt the weapon to pump before it could even fire. It was also pointed out that this adjustment will only be applied to Pump Shotguns, though the developer stated that they'll be on the lookout for other weapons that will be exhibiting the same behavior.


Now that players are about to say goodbye to the double pump, they are beginning to feel the power of a recently buffed weapon that is gaining popularity within "Fortnite's" BR mode.

The Tactical SMG (Tac SMG) has been the weapon of choice for players after it was buffed with the recent update. Fans are pretty much aware that the green, white, and blue SMGs bowed out from the game and their best attributes were somewhat put into the Tac. With an upped magazine size and firing rate that are currently at 35 and 13 respectively, the said version of the weapon is a beast within the game.

New game-breaking bug

Meanwhile, players are currently expressing their concerns regarding a game-breaking glitch that makes a character move on its own. A Redditor (Mad_Hatter_92) brought this issue to light on the same subreddit as he claims that his character automatically moves forward without pressing anything on his controller.

He added that this bug still persists even if he already changed controllers and went on stating that some of his friends are experiencing the same inconvenience. The player also detailed on his post on how the annoying bug was triggered.

A staff from Epic responded to the player stating that the issue was already escalated adding that they're already looking into it. Check out a video about the "Fortnite" here: