Bungie has recently outlined the upcoming changes within their online-only shooter - "Destiny 2." The recent This Week at Bungie blog post also detailed the workaround that they implemented on the Lost Sector glitch that allowed players to farm Faction Tokens. However, it looks like another glitch is gaining traction among Guardians as this will definitely be handy in both PvP and PvE matches.

Fire away

A Redditor/YouTuber (Bakengangsta) recently took to the Destiny subreddit to show what he calls a "bottomless hand cannon" glitch. This exploit basically removes the reload animation allowing Guardians to fire at enemies continuously.

To pull off this trick, Guardians must have a Hunter Exotic leg armor – the Hunter's infamous Lucky Pants. Players will also be needing a hand cannon for this one as the steps are stated below.

  • Get a precision kill
  • Reload immediately
  • Once the reload animation is done, players need to pull out their Ghost and put it away afterward
  • The glitch should be working by then as each precision shot will give players ammo from the reserves straight into the weapon.

The Redditor pointed out though that there's another player that he believes to be the first to discover the glitch. That "Destiny 2" player (known on his YT channel as Malin 1) also posted a video as it also detailed on how it's done. Malin further explained that Guardians can fire away on a boss fight without having the need to reload provided that they land precision hits.

There was also a glitch that was brought up a couple of months ago on the same subreddit involving the said Exotic. The bug is pretty much similar though the steps on how it's done are quite different. All the player did was to switch to his energy weapon, changed his primary and fired away until he ran out of ammo.

Nightfall bug

Meanwhile, Bungie is as of late investigating an issue within this week's Nightfall (A Garden World), as they've been receiving complaints about players who are not able to proceed to the activity's final encounter.

At the time of writing, the game maker hasn't provided a fix for this bug, though they suggested some "potential workarounds" for this issue.

  • Whenever a Guardian is down during the encounter, other players should try to revive them before they could even revive themselves.
  • Enabling the final encounter while the entire Fireteam is present.

The next massive update (Strikes and Social/1.1.3) will be rolled out on February 27. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here.