"Fortnite" has been plagued with bugs as of late and recently, players were not able to log into the game. While the community is irked about this, there are some whose concerns about the game are more serious than this.


A couple of "Fortnite" faithfuls have recently taken to FortniteBR's subreddit to have their predicaments made known by Epic. If these players' claims are anything to go by, it looks like their game accounts were hacked.

The Redditor booksblanketsandtea was the first one to raise such concern as he stated that he received six e-mails from the game developer.

One of the messages that he got was thanking him for signing up and for the purchases that he availed, though he claimed that he didn't make any.

He then contacted both his bank and Epic about this and with the help of the subreddit community who upvoted his post, the game maker responded and assured him that his issue will be sorted out. He even posted the steps that it takes to have both of his bank and game accounts more secure.

The same thing happened to another player (imPluR420) as he also claims that his card was charged for almost $200. He added that there was a link to a PlayStation 4 account that was sent to him, though he stated that he doesn't even own one nor the console itself.

To make things worse, he stated that he was not able to pay his monthly bills because of this.

Just like the first player, Epic also responded to this issue as the developer asked for his personal details and made sure that this will be clarified.

The devs even went on adding 5,000 V-Bucks on his "Fortnite" account to somehow compensate for the inconvenience that he experienced.

Added security feature coming soon

These recent fraudulent activities that happened among "Fortnite" players' accounts has prompted Epic to reveal a Two-Factor Sign In feature that is currently down the pipeline.

This aims to beef up the security measures for players' accounts and to avoid the above-mentioned incidents.

By the time it goes live, players who'll be opting for the feature will be sent with a code through e-mail. Players will then be logged in to their accounts once the code is entered. They will then be prompted to input the Two-Factor Sign In code after they activated the feature, especially if they have cleared their browser cookies, logged in to a new device, or haven't signed in for over a month.

There's no ETA yet for the said feature, though Epic stated it's already inbound. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: