Everyone's favorite shapeshifting, weapon wielding witch is being welcomed into the Switch community. On February 16, a new remake of the 2014 original and second installment of "Bayonetta" arrived both in store and on the Switch Eshop. This came along with several other beloved classic series finally making their way to the new console.

Everyone's favorite gun-wielding witch is back

Of course, the hype has been real.

Fans from all over are excited that not only do they get a remake of the original, but the second as well. The fanart on Twitter is positively amazing; if you don't want to play the game after seeing this, you're wrong.

"Bayonetta's" (both one and two) rankings on most sites has been anywhere from four stars to four and a half, as reported by Metacritic and IGN. Fans have also left quite a bit of cheerful reviews since the game's new release.

"Playing through Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch allowed me to relive some of the most exhilarating, action-packed, hack-and-slash moments from the last decade of gaming," reported IGN.

"The frame rate improvements alone make it a better experience than the Wii U version, and the amiibo-activated costumes at least put a fun spin on it even if there’s no substantial new content for returning players."

There's no excuse not to join her rampage

The game has made significant improvements since its Wii U days; the frame rate has been raised to 60 a second verses the original 40, the movements are much swifter in combat making for a more natural feel and, of course, the amiibo component.

"Eight years after its original release, Bayonetta still has great controls and combo system," says Hobby Consolas. "And we love the references to classic Sega games such as Space Harrier or Hang On."

" If you have even a passing interest in the genre then you should seriously consider adding it to your collection," says Nintendo Enthusiast.

"Just be prepared to take some deep breaths and try again."

Meta Critic has piles of reviews discussing the excitement around the new release, most of them positive. The only disappointment they seem to all agree on is the graphics appear to be the same as the original with minor to no changes. That being said, the complexity of the game and love of the original series alone seems to be the compelling force to keep players coming and purchasing the new releases.

If you were a fan of the Wii U series, you'll more than likely enjoy these new remakes for the Switch. While this is an Eshop exclusive, it's a must for your collection.