Nintendo fans can rejoice, for My Nintendo would officially be available on the Nintendo Switch (Switch for short) from March 2018. An exact date hasn’t yet been revealed, however, we can speculate that this would be within the first week of March. With over ten million in sales last year, this addition is seen both as no surprise to fans and a much-desired update to the hybrid system.

Benefits of My Nintendo

My Nintendo is an award system that was created for the Nintendo family of games; 3DS/2Ds and Wii U. This award system comes at two levels, Silver and Gold coins.

Silver coins, which can be earned by logging into your My Nintendo account, or playing mobile Nintendo games such as Super Mario Run or Fire Emblem Heroes, can be used to get exclusive wallpapers for your PC/Mobile. Silver coins can also net you some discounts or even free Indie games. Gold coins, on the other hand, can only be earned after a digital purchase has been made on the 3DS/2DS or Wii u. Thankfully, the Switch has a feature that allows you to gain Gold coins for hardcopy games as well. Therefore there is no loss of points if you prefer physical instead of digital games. These coins (Gold) can be redeemed for major discounts on games or DLC (downloadable content) and even give you DLC completely off.

How to earn gold coins

Upon a successful Digital purchase on the 3DS/2DS, Wii U or Switch, Gold coins would be automatically added to your account. I have yet to see a feature on the other systems that would allow you to redeem Gold coins through physical copies, however on the Switch, simply insert the game, press + go to My Nintendo Rewards Program then click on Earn Points.

The points would then be added to your account.

How to redeem coins

Coins can be redeemed by logging into your My Nintendo account and selecting "Earn points." There you can see and select each category you wish to collect or just click “Collect all now”. You must collect your coins before you can redeem them. After you’ve collected your coins, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Redeem coins." On this page, you would see seven (7) categories to choose from (The Switch would be the eight from March).

Select the category to explore your options then select the reward you wish. Click on redeem and the rest is history.

My Nintendo, which is coming to the Switch, is a great feature that would be appreciated and welcomed by Nintendo fans worldwide. It is a system that gives you a return on your purchases, and even time, which can be used to gain exclusive wallpapers for your mobile/PC, discounts on games/DLC and even get full free indie games.

With this added feature, we can only hope that there would be more to come in the near future. Hopes of the Full Nintendo online system that was promised to us last year, hopes of backward play and hopes of legendary titles like Smash Bros. only time would tell but for now, My Nintendo is a step in the right direction for the Switch.