Daybreak recently announced another huge Update for there Battle Royale game "H1Z1." The update included a new airdrop method so players can select their spawn, a revised scoring system that encourages high kills and high placement matches, and a combat roll out of vehicles. There are also user interface features such as a mini-map. The developers also fixed some other bugs the game was facing such as loot distribution, blood spurts appearing although an enemy player was not injured and the map will now scale properly when the user switches resolution.

Community Outbreak podcast

On Friday, Community Outbreak displayed some of these new features on the Twitch "H1Z1" profile. The stream featured Tony Morton (Lead Combat & Systems Designer), Greg Henninger (Community Manager), Ryan Findahl (QA Analyst) and Sarah Flanagan (Community Relation Specialist). The podcast gave the "H1Z1" community a firsthand look at what to expect from the game update.

During the podcast, the Community Outbreak personnel answered questions concerning this update and reinsured the audience that Daybreak is listening to the community to improve the game. For one of Ryan Findahl's last official appearances on the podcast, the show ended in spectacular fashion giving viewers the opportunity to fight some of the Community Outbreak members in the game and for selected viewers, the opportunity to play the famous "H1Z1" deal or steal.

H1Z1 community response

Despite Daybreak efforts to adjust based on community concerns, many players are not excited about the update. Some common complaints are; the shotgun range is not realistic, and players are concern about the “COD Rushing” factor of the game. Following the Community Outbreak podcast Keebler, a Twitch streamer and featured in the 2017 Showdown, voiced his opinion stating, “They killed (Daybreak) multiple games with their combat updates.

He went on to explain that he would like to see the company fix the problems at hand instead of adding more User interface features. Keebler also noted that some features of the update will come into play during competitive gameplay such as selecting spawns and loot distribution. Either way, the update went live on The Test server as of 02/17/2018 for the community to try.

This week events

This week H1Z1 will be hosting the annual showdown from Wednesday- Friday. Make sure to stay tuned for any special offers and to watch some high-level gameplay.