The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel has released a 'Nature Documentary' styled ad trailer for Pokémon Go which gives us an insight of the habitats of different Pokémon. Narrated by Stephen Fry, the trailer bears an uncanny resemblance to BBC's Planet Earth. The trailer shows Plusle and Minun in the densely wooded forest, Snowrunts in snow-capped mountains, Wailord in the vast expanse of ocean, and Delcatty in a city-setting all of which are similar places where they are found in the series of Pokémon franchise.

Over the last few months, Niantic has been adding these new Pokemon in waves and has stepped up their ad-game to bring back all players they lost due to a large number of complaints.

The trailer is composed by George Fenton, who also composed the award-winning documentaries Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, and Blue Planet.

This ad, which mimics nature documentaries such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, is specifically designed to show off new Pokemon that have been added as part of the third wave of updates.Some of the third-generation Pokémon were added in these recent updates. The recent "Hoenn Pokémon - Desert Wave" included Whismur, Aron, Trapinch, Numel, Cacnea, Lileep, and Baltoy along with their evolutions.

Even though Pokémon Go lost half of its fan-base after only a few months of its release, Pokémon Go is still going strong and remains an incredibly popular smartphone game.

According to Pocket Gamer, SuperData Research estimated that the game generated $890 million in revenues in 2017 alone, and it was the ninth-highest grossing game worldwide in December 2017.

Not only that, but Niantic also acquired the AR startup, Esher Reality, to focus on honing their AR feature in Pokémon Go as well as to work on Niantic's next project called "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" which is also a very hyped smartphone game.


Currently, Plusle and Minun are regions locked, meaning that they are only available to players in North America, South America, and Africa can get Plusle — for now anyway. Also, the trailer hints at the inclusion of Masquerain. Masquerain is a Bug/Flying-Type Pokemon that hasn't actually been added to the game yet.

Initially, these waves of updates started in the last year's Halloween event of Pokémon Go. These updates continued every month since Halloween, and the last big update is expected to be released sometime this month.