Fortnite is already getting in the spirit of love for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. According to some details shared by Epic Games, Valentine’s event will start on February 14. However, the game has been experiencing some technical issues, and fans are so concerned about the instability. Nevertheless, the developers are doing their best to resolve this. Epic has revealed new Valentine’s Day event content and patch notes to expect in the upcoming week.

The Valentine’s Day themed goodies

Epic has revealed a host of love-themed goodies for Battle Royale players.

These include skins which will be reserved for the Battle Royale mode, Crossbow which will be available for both modes, though a bit later for Save The World players, and a quest line. The Valentine’s Day skins include a skin that turns Fortnite Battle Royale Players into a stone statue of Cupid, the winged god of love with a white sash, pink trousers and stone wings. Another skin will turn Battle Royale Characters into a huge, hot pink teddy bear with a broken-hearted symbol on its belly.

The Crossbow is an unlimited weapon. According to Epic games, the gold, white and pink weapon will allow Battle Royale players to eliminate their targets with stealth and fitness. This new Battle Royale weapon will allow players to hunt their prey the old-time way.

Also, Save the World players will be getting a unique Valentine-themed quest line. According to Epic, the new quest line is a love story which is told the Fortnite style.

Epic unveils new patch notes for Fortnite

Fortnite Patch V.2.4.2 launches ahead of next week’s Valentine Day’s event, and Fortnite fans will be able to download it on PS4, Xbox One, and PCs.

Recently, Epic announced that Patch 2.5.0 which was meant to launch on February 7th would finally launch on February 14. According to Epic, the delay is as a result of their internal concerns based on the stability of their V.2.5.0 update. The Patch 2.5.0 contains Valentine’s Event which contains a special quest line, Valentine's themed Heroes and Cupid Cross Bow.

The update 3.00 will commence the "Spring it On" event on February 21, adding new store items, a quest line, and a complete in-game music overhaul. While Patch 3.1.0 which will hopefully arrive on February 28, will continue on week 2 of the Spring it On event, adding improvements to the quest map, Stamina Part 1 player movement update, new event store items, and inventory w/ Crafting in the front end.