Bungie has officially rolled out the first Iron Banner event for "Destiny 2's" second season alongside some big updates and quality of life improvements in the game. Some players, on the other hand, have discovered another sword gliding trick that allowed them to glitch their way through certain areas.

Flying/gliding Warlocks?

A "Destiny 2" player recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel showing how it is done and this time, it's the Warlock's turn to glide. Just like the previous flying glitches in the game, the trick needs a melee weapon for this one to be pulled off.

That being said, players need to have a sword with a typical one-two slash move and they're good to go.

As for the steps, all they need to do is to perform the sword's first and second swipe moves before doing a long glide/jump. The short clip even demonstrated how the player glitched his way through the Leviathan Raid's Aqueduct entrance. However, it looks like this so-called glitch can only be used on that raid event as it can be seen on the video that the Warlock was shot up by the launching pad on the Embarkment part of the raid before he could perform the trick.

Shaders and XP gain bugs

Meanwhile, a minor bug was also discovered where players were sent back to the first page of the Shaders section whenever they try to preview other Shaders on succeeding pages.

Destiny Player Support dmg04 addressed the issue, adding that it was already escalated for further investigation.

In line with this, he also addressed another issue where the Bungie.net API was displaying the XP rank up requirements in error.

A workaround was implemented for this bug and it was stated that a hotfix will be rolled out to properly display XP gains.

Returning contents hinted

In other "Destiny 2" news, Game Director Christopher Barrett may have just confirmed that an arena-based activity might return in the future. He also hinted that strike specific loots might also be making a comeback in the game as both of these were asked for by members of the gaming community over on Twitter.

A few days ago, Barrett also asked players what they want to see in Trials of the Nine as he revealed that they are currently discussing ways on how to improve the said event. He even debunked rumors of DeeJ leaving Bungie.

Guardians still have plenty of time to grind as the Iron Banner event will run until Tuesday, February 6. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: