Just a week ago, Epic Games released the big season 3 update for the "Fortnite" which included the new Battle pass and tons of battle royale loot. "Fortnite" has over 50 million players in its Battle Royale mode, which is a Free-to-play mode and yesterday some new information about its update made everyone curious and excited about it.

The new update information popped-up as soon as players logged-in which showed a Jetpack image and a few words saying “Jetpack (coming soon): Take the fight to all new heights.” The Jetpack item belongs to the Legendary tier because it has a gold background and it also means that it will not be easily accessible to everyone in the game.

What to expect in the next patch

"Fortnite" will have Quest map improvements in patch V.3.1.0, the second week of Spring It On event and new event store items.

Fans are not sure if the Jetpack will have any use in the game or is it just a cosmetic item. Some suggest it could be a more portable version of the jump pad, which will provide a little boost rather than the ability to hover.

Limited time mode

Console, as well as PC version of "Fortnite," received a limited time mode called "Solid Gold." The new mode will see players use only the legendary gold tier weapons in the Battle Royale matches. The new limited time mode was announced on the official "Fortnite" Twitter account by saying "The Solid Gold Limited Time Mode is now live!

Jump in and try out some legendary weapons." Although an end date for the limited time mode has not been revealed yet.

Epic Games also said that "Fortnite" will also receive a "Floor is Lava" limited time mode sometime in the future. They also mentioned that there were currently five modes in development for "Fortnite."

Earlier this month, Epic Games posted on "Fortnite" Reddit page saying that the next update was scheduled to be released on Wednesday, February 28.

But the update might not roll out on that date because "Fortnite's" previous update was also scheduled to be released on Wednesday before it was pushed back by a day.

Epic Games is likely to announce the update before it is released and if there is going to be a server downtime before the update rolls out.

On Monday, thousands of players had issues connecting to game's server for almost two hours. The issues have now been resolved, with the official Fortnite Twitter account posting yesterday: “Players can now log in, but you may experience longer login times.