"Innerspace" is coming to the PS4 on January 16. "Innerspace" is developed by PolyKnight games. It is PolyKnight's first game and was funded through Kickstarter. It is a single-player adventure game that is all about exploration. While this isn't exactly a post-apocalyptic game players will enter the game at the end of civilization. Players will be the cartographer. It will be the cartographer's job to figure out why the world is the way it is. The cartographer will also have to figure out how it got that way. As players Explore various planets they will have to figure out what is going on.

About the game

For a long time, people of the inverse have wondered what is beyond the locked door of the ancients. For ages people of the inverse have built their cities around the ruins of the ones that came before them. The only thing they know for sure is that gods once lived here. Finally, someone comes along that has unlocked the door of the ancients. The archaeologist of the inverse was that person. Now it is up to the cartographer to chart the unknown. Now, the true history of the inverse will be revealed. It is the cartographer's job to help the archaeologist recover the remaining memories. If not they will be lost forever. The goal is to discover the lost history.


The game has many different features for players.

Taking your time to discover the inverse is one feature. Since "InnerSpace" is about exploration players can soar through the skies, and dive into oceans. Through exploration, the secrets of the inverse will reveal themselves. Another cool feature is the relics of the ancients. When you discover these ancient relics they reveal key pieces of information about the past.

They can also be used to upgrade your glider. As you roam through the game you will realize that you are not alone. As you explore each world you will encounter a demigod.

"InnerSpace" features an ephemeral art style and an electronic musical score. Lost technologies can be adapted to build new airframes. Each will have unique abilities to soar above the waters.

One of the plane modes is called flight mode. In this mode the plane flies through the inner atmosphere of the various worlds. In diving mode the plane changes into a diving platform. This allows you to dive into the water along the exterior. In stalling mode the plane can stall in the air. This allows for any change in direction or sharp turns. It is basically like drifting.