The latest updates for the new "God Of War" sequel reveal that the game will not have a Season Pass. Game director Cory Balrog announced on Twitter that the video games will not go through the trouble of getting a season pass and stated that he is in his third playthrough. Sony and Santa Monica Studio will not likely follow the season pass practice for post-launch titles as the other video game companies.

Balrog also addresses the game's release date for the PlayStation 4 console. An unnamed Portuguese retailer claim that the sequel will launch on March 22, while GameSpot previously reported that it set on December 11.

No season pass

According to Cory Balrog, the new "God of War" sequel will not have a season pass for players who are expecting post-launch DLC for the game. The likelihood of the sequel having a season pass was never particularly high, but the news was still refreshing to the video game fans since they will not experience the trouble of buying them online.

While PS4 exclusive games such as "Horizon: Zero Dawn" and "MLB: The Show 17" have taken different approaches in post-DLC, video game fans are still skeptical whether Sony will work on post-plans for "God of War" since there has been limited information regarding its game features.

The new "God of War" title will feature Kratos exploring the uncharted lands of Norway along with his son, Atreus.

Kratos will use an enchanted battle ax with ice powers instead of his famed weapon, The Blades of Chaos. Players will fight groups of enemies in one area and they are assisted by Atreus using his bow and arrow.

The latter will use specialized arrows to fight enemies and his knowledge of the Norse world will help players solve different puzzles and cast new magic.

Kratos will test his son during the course of the story to improve his chances for survival. They will also encounter other Norse beings such as the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard Serpent, and Frost Giants.

It is also teased Kratos will also fight the Norse Gods during their journey and the God of Thunder, Thor, will be a potential boss character.

The new "God of War" sequel will feature side-quests and it is never been done in past titles.

Cory Balrog on release date

Balrog tweeted that there is no official announcement of the sequel's release date, and urged video game fans to be patient and wait for further announcements soon.

Perhaps both Sony and Santa Monica Studio are finishing the development of the game, and they will likely present new details in upcoming major events this year.