Amazon has leaked the possible Release Date of the highly anticipated “God Of War.” It is now one of the big PS4 exclusive games in 2018. Here are the details and everything that is known so far.

Amazon revealed ‘God of War’ release date

Sony Santa Monica is expected to release the PS4 exclusive new “God of War” on 2018. The studio has revealed bits of details about its story and features, but its exact release window remains unknown to its fans. However, the online retail giant Amazon may have released relevant information that narrows down the game’s release date.

According to NeoGAF user IgotElbows, Amazon has sent them an electronic mail that specifically mentions the new “God of War” release date for the PlayStation 4. In the e-mail, the retail company revealed that Sony will release the upcoming game would between July 5 and July 10, 2018. Meanwhile, the company’s product page for US game releases lists the PS4 exclusive game on June 30, 2018. With this, fans and gamers can expect the game to arrive in late June to early July 2018.

What to expect from the upcoming PS4 game?

The new “God of War” for PS4 will no longer feature cinematic, pull back cameras and some actions via Quick Time Events (QTE). Most of the shots will now be positioned over Kratos’ shoulder.

With this, players can indulge more in the game and focus more as Kratos. However, this doesn't mean that players will always see Kratos on-screen. Game Director Cory Barlog revealed that the game might look away, but it will eventually return and frame Kratos. With this, Kratos will anchor everything that players can see in the game.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game will be featuring a much more personal story. The new "GOD" will also be featuring battles on a wide variety of terrains. It includes desolate forests, boat in the sea, and snow-covered mountain tops.

Kratos & Atreus

In the upcoming game, Kratos will take on the role of a father to his son, Atreus.

Unlike the previous game entries, he will not be as brutal and vicious as before.

In the new PS4 exclusive “God of War,” Kratos will also be teaching Atreus with different strategies for combat. With this, a significant number of players and fans have worried whether or not Atreus will just be a burden and liability in the game. In contrast to this idea, Atreus can move on the battle on his own. Moreover, he is also indispensable in reading some texts and communicating with the locals. He is even competent enough to get out of the way and help Kratos in the battle using his bow and arrow.