If you are a person who has already flexed your grey matter with the Wonderful World of words and is a vocabulary freak then Swoords is something you should give a try. Remember Ruzzle and Word streak with friends, well this game seems to be on similar lines but has a hint of innovation.

Innovation! How? You might wonder, well that’s why we are putting a full game review here. Don’t worry we got your back.

First things first

The game as we have already mentioned is a word power tester that means it’s for all those who love to test their vocabulary.

The game is new, has only 5000 downloads and an average review of 3.6 on Google Play Store. My personal opinion the game deserves more and I will tell you why?.

The game is neatly designed and is pleasuring to the eye. The interface is clean and somewhat minimal all this adds up to a better experience when indulging in the game for the very first time. Since the game is different from Ruzzle and word streak with friends it makes sense to have an intro to the game so that the players understand how they can start with the game and this has been effectively addressed by game developers by putting in an introductory tutorial on game and also by incorporating a separate section for training.

The game also has an AI player called Dr.

SWO with whom you can train to gain a skill or just to be more familiar with the game. The opening screen after initial setup has four options i.e. challenge friends, Random match, find friends and training.

As mentioned earlier, Swoords does in fact throws a prominent streak of innovation on the word games that we are so used to, rather than having a chequered square type of system where alphabets were skewed across the square and the player had to move his finger across to find the word to score, Swoords has the challenger put up a word and the opponent has to create a new word with the last two alphabets of the word.

All this has to be done with the in-game keyboard where every key has a score associated with it, hence the richer word you throw at your opponent the better you score against him.

This makes the game more challenging for all word freaks out there and would boost and massage our linguistic pride in a way no other game has done so far.

The game is multiplayer and currently, there is sufficient number of random opponents to flex our lingual muscles with and mind it's going to grow in future as the game is promising and would soon have a huge community of like-minded players.

Yes, one thing which everyone needs to know is that in the training section of the game there is a limit of matches that you can play that too at the easy level. The medium and Expert levels are locked and the reason for that is well not quite clearly explained.

Comparing it with Ruzzle and Word Streak with friends, I find Swoords to be an innovative and more challenging game which breaks the current monotony that is prevailing in the popular Word Games which we are used to, yes the population of the community is low because the game is relatively new and would take some time to grow. The game is a must try for anyone who likes this genre, rest assured once a person gets hooked on Swoords he would be out of the cliché of games that he is used to.