Bungie has officially rolled out a hotfix allowing "Destiny 2" vanilla players to once again access both Iron Banner and Faction Rally events that were previously locked out when "Curse of Osiris" was dropped. With all the debacle the game has gone through this past year, not to mention its dwindling player base, the online shooter has been recently included in Xbox One subreddit's Game of the Year Awards.

And the award goes to

The subreddit recently surveyed its members as to which of the current titles best fit the recognition (or infamy) that they've rolled out.

With over 3,000 legit responses (6,822 of them got removed due to spam), the Xbox One subreddit hailed has hailed the best (and worst) of the industry.

As mentioned, "Destiny 2" was included in the roster of awardees. However, it's not what most people would think. The game snagged the so-called "Buyer's Remorse" Award which is obviously a bad thing.

Per the award's description, giving "Destiny 2" this ill fame is "polarizing" to them. It further explained that Bungie "managed to accomplish the impossible" by infuriating both casual and long-time players with a string of controversies, poor press, and downgrades.

The post also pointed out some of the highlights of why the game was given such distinction. Some of these include, the locked out content after "Curse of Osiris" was released and the XP throttling debacle. It even went on stating that "Star Wars Battlefront 2" did not even came close to "the level of regret" that was felt by the "Destiny" community.

That being said, "Battlefront 2's" developer/publisher - Electronic Arts (EA) received an equally bad award dubbed as the 'Most Hated Character.' The post also revealed that the members of the subreddit have chosen EA to be hailed as the worst company in the U.S. twice.

In other "Destiny 2" news, Bungie recently addressed a minor issue where Gunsmith Engrams are not awarding Shaders.

The developer added that updates will be rolled out in the future as they are currently investigating the issue.

As promised

Bungie's Community Manager, DeeJ, on the other hand, also took to Twitter to announce his first ever meeting this 2018. He revealed that he sat down with game director Christopher Barrett as they talked about how they could make a follow up on what Barrett had promised during the holidays.

DeeJ added that discussions with Barrett will resume next week once his community partners are back from their respective holiday breaks. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: