The fate of the "Destiny" franchise is pretty grim needless to say. With debacles left and right, it's no wonder that its already dwindling player base continues to drop as it was very evident in the online-only shooter's recent stats.

Took another plunge

If the latest Trials Report is anything to go by, it may well seem that last week's Trials of the Nine was a complete flop, not to mention that it has reached an all-time low. Per the recent stats for the week of January 19-23, the total number of Guardians who participated in the mentioned event was just 121, 156 (unique players).

This has broken the previous record (week of January 12-16) of 141, 126 making it the lowest Trials of the Nine participation since it got introduced in the "House of Wolves" expansion. The website also detailed the number of players for each platform who joined the activity including the ones who went flawlessly:

  • PC – 10, 918 (3, 326 flawless)
  • Xbox One – 39, 137 (7, 710 flawless)
  • PlayStation 4 – 71, 101 (16, 818 flawless)

Twitch streams too

In line with this, "Destiny 2" live streams over on Twitch are also not getting much love from its community. The recent viewership of the game on the streaming service is as of late averaging between 4,000-7,000 views as compared to "D1's" average of 14,000-17,000.

"D2" YouTube channels – who are also Twitch streamers - have early on expressed that they'll be veering away from making such content. This has definitely contributed to the game's poor stats and Bungie needs to do something about it to win back their disgruntled player base.


That being said, Community Manager Cozmo, recently took to Twitter to reveal the agenda of their "This Week at Bungie" blog post.

Several topics where highlighted which include talks about Shaders, tweaks within the Iron Banner event, Raid reward changes, a preview of the upcoming patch notes, and details about the Masterworks Armor.

Game Director Christopher Barrett, on the other hand, previously revealed that new and returning Exotics will be included in "Destiny 2's" future updates.

Responding to a different tweet, he confirmed that hidden quests (Outbreak Prime and Black Spindle) will also be making a comeback to the game alongside the possible return of Bounties. Barrett also confirmed that armor type changes will be one of the Masterworks Armor features by the time it goes live in the game. Check out a video about the game here: