"PUBG" devs have just rolled out a new PC update for the battle royale shooter. The latest patch has devised a new reporting system that hopes to alleviate the growing number of cheaters in the game.

PC Patch 1.0

The recent patch notes that were posted on Steam's update page stated that this new content will be initially available within "PUBG's" public test realm. Once everything is straightened out, the update will officially go live for the community to check out.

As mentioned, the latest "PUBG" update will allow players to report cheaters directly through the game's replay feature.

That being said, players need to be killed first by the supposed cheater for them to use the online shooter's reporting system. The developers went on, encouraging its player base to use this new system whenever they feel that a cheater is among them. Alongside the announcement were the steps in terms of how to use this new in-game feature.

The Biker and Desperado

A couple of new crates were also included in the recent update.

The biker is a free crate box that has a 40 percent drop rate and is now available on the "PUBG's" test server. The same thing goes for the desperado crate box, though this is a paid one and can only be unlocked with the so-called Early Bird key that is currently available on Steam. The patch notes also indicated the individual drop rate of the gear that can be acquired through these new crates.

Everyone who'll be logging in to the game's test server will be getting 100,000 Battle Points and six Early Bird keys in order to "test the stability."

Minor alterations

Some minor tweaks were also included in the latest patch. A notable change was the energy drink within the game that has a striking resemblance to Red Bull. Known as Hot Bull, the updated design now has an image of a muscle man on it, sporting a thumbs-up pose.

The developer also updated the number of objects around Miramar and La Bendita for players to have more cover. The visible distance while parachuting down was also reduced in order to "test the optimization of server and client performance" during the game's early phases. Bug fixes were also chipped in and details about them can be found in the patch notes.

At the time of this writing, there's no word as to when these updates will drop on "PUBG's" live servers. However, game buffs and long-time players of the game believe that these might arrive in a couple of days. In the meantime, check out a video about the latest update here: