Yesterday afternoon Mojang released a texture pack, teasing players with new Textures for vanilla "Minecraft: Java Edition." Mojang’s news release states that they are seeking players' feedback for the new textures before any changes will be made to the game. Whether we can expect the new textures in version 1.13 or a more distant "Minecraft" update is yet unknown.

'Minecraft' update: new textures here to try

The texture pack itself is compatible with the current version 1.12, so players can jump in and try the textures right away. Almost all of the game's textures seem to have been altered, including items.

A few notable exceptions are; creepers, tools, and armor, as well as lava and water. Whether or not these things are likely to change in the future isn’t clear, but Mojang did say in their news release that “This texture pack for Java edition will work a lot like the snapshots we frequently release, so be warned that errors may occur.” Mojang is accepting player feedback on their own site and on Reddit.

Since the end of November, JAPPA, a pixel artist at Mojang, has been teasing fans with tweets about new textures. It is finally time to see what they have been up to.

Textures updated for sparkly 2017 eyes

Mojang’s News release stated that “For the last few months our talented pixel artists have been tweaking "Minecraft's" looks, updating the appearance of the game for sparkly 2017 eyes.” So far, this seems to be true.

New textures seem to have a cleaner, less noisy look with a heavier focus on shading. Unfortunately, new textures have yet to address the tiling issues of textures such as Red Concrete Powder, introduced in the 1.12, World of Color Update.

"Minecraft" has seen updates to some of its textures in the past, perhaps the most memorable being the various iterations of cobblestone.

However, when these new textures arrive, it is likely to be the single largest change to "Minecraft’s" visuals in its eight-year history. Other notable examples of past changes include the retexturing of gravel and the new lighting engine introduced in Beta 1.8.

This is a major opportunity for fans to participate in the future of "Minecraft" updates.

It is also the second opportunity in the last few months. During the 2017 Minecon Earth live stream, fan’s voted for the next mob that will be introduced to the game.

So, love the new textures or hate them, Mojang wants to know. You can visit their official news post via their Twitter here.