I always appreciate a good video game, whether it's on a PC or game console. Either way, I have always loved to play online FPS’ for as long as I can remember. I have played new and old online FPS games, and tried almost all the highly anticipated online shooters released in the past few years. In the end, when anybody asks me what my favorite FPS game is, I can confidently answer without hesitation. My favorite game of all-time is "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" without a doubt, and here's why.

The best FPS game structure

"Counter-Strike Global Offensive" is an online tactical FPS game based on strategy and team mechanics.

You play on a team of five players, and spend half a match playing the other team as terrorists, and the other half playing as counter-terrorists. There are 30 rounds in a game, each lasting an exciting and intense two minutes. "CSGO" has become one of the most streamed Video Games, and has 25 million players, providing a huge fan base for thriving servers.

Why is it the best online FPS game of all-time?

"CSGO" has an amazing structure and concept. It features a competitive game mode, and provides the ability to communicate and talk to teammates when in-game. Nowadays, being good at many FPS games is solely determined by either strategy or reaction time, but "CSGO" has a great mix of both. The game takes practice, and a huge amount of skill, but improving in a game has never been more fun.

"Counter Strike" was one of the main video games that first introduced matchmaking, a technique used to assign players to different teams according to skill level. Players are assigned a rank based on their skill level and win/loss ratio, not just their play time like many other games. This gives players motivation to keep playing, and to keep getting better.

With this ranking system, the game is fairly addictive, and players care more about winning as a team, not about their individual success. This makes the experience much better, because everyone is important, and everyone feels accomplished when their team wins. Also, rank progression is not displayed, so some people keep playing with the hope of ranking up every game.

Continuous support and updates

Even with the game being more than 5 years old, it is still being updated often. It features high speed 64 tick servers hosted all around the world, and active developer support. Also, the community is large, and you can find many other "CSGO" players that you can talk to. On top of that, the virtual marketplace is gigantic, with thousands of in-game weapon skins and cosmetic gear to choose from.

In retrospect, I think "CSGO" is a game everybody should play, after all, it is under $20 on Steam and can run on mediocre computers. "Counter Strike" is a great tactical FPS game with addictive attributes, a large community, and a fun play style integrated with matchmaking technology.