Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett has recently provided details about the things that they are working on for "Destiny 2." Some of the things that he hinted at are Sparrows, Ships, and Ghosts that will be included in both the Faction Rally and Iron Banner's rewards pool. That being said, it looks like these may have just been leaked.

Iron Lord inspired

Redditors over on the "Destiny" subreddit are at it again, as one of them have discovered three new renders of the aforementioned items within the game's data files. However, unless/until these are made official by Bungie, the "Destiny 2" community should chew on these with some pinches of salt.

Per the Redditor, known as vitfall, these yet to be announced items are likely to be dropped in the next installment of the Iron Banner event that is slated to return next year. It was believed as such due to the golden wolf emblem and the Ironwood Tree design that were somewhat embossed on these items, not to mention that these patterns are found in Lord Saladin's armor.

Prior to this alleged leak, another purported piece of spilled intel surfaced as it detailed "Destiny 2's" next Raid Lair that is believed to be dubbed as "Prison of Nightmares." Also, another Redditor on the same subreddit claimed that the game's next DLC will be named "Heralds of Nezarec." The leaker added that the expansion's storyline will have Ana Bray as the protagonist and it will be set on one of Saturn's moons (Enceladus).

The Redditor even went on to state that the game segment's main antagonist will be the "malevolent deity" - Nezarec.

However, the now unknown Redditor who posted the so-called leak has deleted the post after the negative feedback it received. This member of the "Destiny" subreddit failed to provide the source as to where the leak came from.

Bugged Nova Bomb kill = one point

Meanwhile, the Mayhem Clash has grown to become one big Nova Bomb party, as this Warlock Voidwalker super has been discovered to be bugged.

Nevertheless, it was also discovered that despite it being glitched, players who are spamming this super are still losing the match.

It was later found out that bugged Nova Bombs only reward players with a single point for every kill within Mayhem Clash, as opposed to the three-point reward by normal supers. A Redditor (SS-Camaro) claimed that his team was recently pitted against a team of Voidwalkers. Albeit raking in the most kills in the match, the Nova Bomb spammers still lost by 30 points. Other players also claim that they too have had the same experience, adding that glitched Nova Bomb kills do not count as super kills. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.