Valve Corporation, the company behind the gaming distribution platform Steam, got some huge Christmas gift this holiday season. Valve’s Steam Winter Sale 2017 has finally arrived, unleashing a massive wave of gaming’s best deal, including the popular action RPG "Dark Souls 3."

According to Valve, the Steam Winter Sale 2017 will start today and run until January 4 of next year. The massive gaming event will offer discounts for some of the gaming world’s most popular titles. Currently, there are tons of eye-catching deals in the Steam Winter Sale, which include titles such as “Prey,” “Tekken 7,” “Assassin’s Creed: Origins,” and more.

One of the big highlights of the Steam Winter Sale is FromSoftware’s 2016 hit, “Dark Souls 3.”

Steam’s latest deal includes big titles, including 'Dark Souls 3'

Steam is making a huge noise, announcing a huge list of discounted games. One of the big highlights of the gaming deal is the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game, “Dark Souls 3.” The gaming platform is reportedly offering a huge 75 percent for the popular action RPG, which means that fans could now purchase the base game for just $14.99. Additionally, Steam also offers a good deal for the game’s Deluxe Edition. These include the Season Pass that allows players to access a number of post-launch downloadable contents for only $38.24, a 55 percent discount.

Dark Souls 3” is the only title that making a huge presence in the Steam Winter Sale. Other big titles such as Bethesda’s “The Evil Within 2” and “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus." Both games reportedly on sale now, for half of their original price, $29.99, according to Steam website.Valve also a huge discounted price for “Wolfenstein 2” Deluxe Edition that includes the action-adventure’s season pass for only $39.99, the website added.

Arkane Studios’ first-person shooter "Prey" is also making a huge play on the Steam Winter Sale. The First-person shooter game is currently discounted by 50 percent or priced $19.99, according to Steam website.

Another one is the popular open world game that was released last October of this year, "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War." The open world game is getting a huge 30 percent price cut on all its editions.

This also means that the base game is currently for sale at $41.99 while the game’s Silver and Gold Editions are currently for sale for only $55.99 and $69.99, respectively.

In addition to gaming, the Steam Winter Sale will also include some hardware deals. As mentioned earlier by PC Gamer, Steam Link is on sale again. The device, which allows users to control computer and stream their Steam games into a TV or any display devices from their home, will go on sale for $5 only.

Another one is the Steam Controller, which allows users to play their entire collection of Steam games on their TV. Valve is making a 33 percent discount for the Steam Controller, taking the price down to $33.49. There’s also a $35 option when bundled with Steam Link.

Players can visit Steam's official store to learn more about the discounted games. Valve’s Steam Winter Sale will be made available until January 4 only, at exactly 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The annual gaming award goes live

Valve is not just offering big gaming deals. The company also kicked off the start of voting for the second annual Steam Awards. The voting will run until January 4 next year, the PCWorld reported.

The annual Steam Awards will allow players to vote for one out of five games that are competing for the Choices Matter award. Some of the nominees include: “The Walking Dead: A New Frontier,” “Life is Stranger: Before the Storm,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Divinity: Original Sin 2,” and Arkane Studios’ “Dishonored 2.”