The latest Patch of Epic Game's "Fortnite" is about to drop today, though the patch notes were already posted on the game's official website. The new tweak will be ushering in new contents, bug fixes, and UI tweaks.

Patch 1.9.1

"Fortnite" patch 1.9.1 also marks the end of the Fortnitemares event by the time it goes live in the battle royale shooter. However, the new tweak will be dropping new leaderboards alongside new weapons, smoke grenades, and even the return of the Mutant Storm.

According to the new patch notes, both the Smoke Grenade and Leaderboards will be part of the game's Battle Royale mode.

The grenade will be spawning randomly on the map and can be also found in containers within the game. The new item is non-lethal though it shrouds players' vision with its thick smoke.

Meanwhile, a couple of new leaderboards will be introduced by the new update. This will include Score that keeps track of the total experience obtained by the player. Global Wins, on the other hand, will measure the total wins earned by the player for a certain match. It will also showcase the top 50 players for that specific match type.

Mutated Husks are back in "Fortnite's" Mutant Storm on its Save the World mode.

Players need not fret as nine new Vindertech weapons will be chipped in alongside this new Storm season.

Other updates

Epic also pointed out that the regular Rocket Launcher will be reinstated replacing its Pumpkin counterpart.

However, due to the popularity of the so-called rocket ride glitch, the developer announced that they've made some modifications with the regular rocket launcher to support rocket riding.

Playlist loot was also tweaked as the medium ammo stacks for both of "Fortnite's" Duo and Squad Playlists were increased to 14 and 18 respectively.

Also, the Outlive Daily Challenge will no longer count the members of a player's own team.

Several bug fixes were made especially to some of its animation including the reloading and firing animations for the Silenced SMG. It was also highlighted that players will no longer get fall damage if they jumped onto an elevator or a launch pad.

The new "Fortnite" patch also tweaked the game's bush locations. It also toned down hitching as the developer preinstalled additional assets during the game's loading screen. The Party Finder's invite button was somewhat nerfed as it can only be pressed once every two seconds to avoid spamming. For additional details about this new update, check out the game's official website. Watch a video about the game here: