"Fortnite" has been one of the most popular games lately thanks to its Battle Royale mode. While the PvE mode, Save the World, was released in late July this year, the PvP mode made the game very popular and Epic Games has done a great job with it. After numerous updates and amazing additions to the game, the Battle Royale mode has attracted over 30 million players, which is a huge achievement.

However, there are some big problems "Fortnite" Battle Royale players are dealing with. Many of them complain about shooting mechanics, and it seems that the game developer will finally do something about this problem.

Epic Games recently announced that the new shooting model will be out for testing in early 2018, and players are excited to hear this news.

New shooting model

In late November, Epic Games released a state of development blog post, announcing the new shooting model. The new shooting model was supposed to be released this year, but the team had to push it for early 2018.

Basically, the goal is to remove random bullet spread while aiming down sights. This has been a huge problem for "Fortnite" Battle Royale players, and many of them feel that shooting depends on luck, rather than on skill. The new shooting model should be much improved, and hitscan weapons will be much more accurate than they are now.

The initial goal was to release a Public Test Realm (PTR) for players to test the new shooting model, but the game developer decided to do it in a different way. The new shooting model will be released as a limited-time game mode in early 2018, allowing players to test the new shooting mechanics. Considering that the PTR would probably be only available on PC, the game mode will allow players to test the new model on every platform.

Public Test Realm

Epic Games made it clear that Public Test Realm will be put on hold for the foreseeable future since it won't be used for the new shooting changes. Many big games have test servers which allow players to check out the newest changes, but it appears that "Fortnite" Battle Royale won't get its PTR in early 2018.

There are many new updates the game developer is preparing for the video game. Some of them including new skins, badges and medals, and custom games. While all of these additions are still being developed, we could expect Epic Games to test some of them on the test realm. Custom games will be one of the biggest additions, and there is no doubt that this feature will require a lot of testing.