"Destiny 2" forums, online boards and various subreddits have been exploding today after one player realized that they're able to basically use the Nova bomb an infinite number of times.

The exploit seems to be originating in Crucible Mayhem, and the currently available explanation is that the game simply doesn't register the ability use it at all.

What caused the exploit?

The player who first reported the exploit on Reddit, said that they had the Skull of Dire Ahamkara equipped, wondering if this is what indirectly caused the exploit.

Later reports said this item doesn't make a difference, but that the Bumper Jumper the player was also using might be necessary for this to work every time.

That said, we all remember the last report on a "Destiny 2" glitch that allowed players to go through walls and the one that gave us unlimited rocket launcher ammo.

How to use the Nova bomb exploit

Immediately after the first reports surfaces, the number one thing everyone wanted to know is how to use the Nova bomb exploit. This is not surprising as these kinds of things don't occur very often in games like "Destiny 2". Some players even believe these kinds of unexpected events add to the dynamics of the game.

Apparently, you need to press A while over-charging a grenade. Pressing A at this point cancels out the player's grenade, and throws a Nova bomb.

It would seem that in this situation, the game doesn't in any way register what you did, and therefore no energy is spent on the ability at all.

Hence, you can repeat the process an infinite number of times and basically throw unlimited Nova bombs.

Reminder: You might need to use the Bumper Jumper for this to work.

Exploit will remain active for some time

Apparently, the exploit will not be addressed until Dawning ends early next year. Bungie is investigating the issue, and it seems to be restricted to the Mayhem gameplay.

Players are expressing worry over this staying active for so long as being able to spam Nova bombs throughout Crucible Mayhem changes the gameplay considerably.

What's important is that the people behind the game are investigating.

Not a bannable offense

While a lot of players already went on to exploit the Nova glitch, some didn't even want to touch it.

Fearing a ban or an account restriction, a lot of players previously decided not to be a part of the glitch.

However, recent updates say there's nothing to worry about:

This is obviously a huge deal because now a lot more players will be actively exploiting the glitch. Needless to say, the Crucible Mayhem locations will likely be a bit more crowded until this is resolved.

Players encouraged to share feedback

Bungie is encouraging players to report any kind of feedback revolving around the Dawning, as seen below.

Bungie has also vowed to share any additional information on resolving the issue once it's available.