Ubisoft’s tactical shooter game "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is getting another big gaming event this week. The developer plans to host a special gaming event December 14 and it will include the iconic alien from "The Predator" movie.

According to gaming website IGN, Ubisoft has teased a new trailer video for the special event. The upcoming event will be called “The Hunt,” and it will feature a new alien guest star and a very popular one. The event will include a fictional extraterrestrial character from the hit movie “Predator.

As part of the gaming event, Ubisoft also unveiled a first glimpse of the special event on its official Twitch channel (twitch/Ubisoft) on December 13.

The special event “The Hunt” will arrive in-game on December 14, and it’s expected to draw lots of buzz in the gaming world.

About the special event

As mentioned earlier by IGN, the extraterrestrial creature doesn’t really reveal that the iconic alien monster is involved with the upcoming event. But Ubisoft is insinuating that the alien warrior is living in the dense Bolivian jungle after several of the soldiers are gone - killed by the invisible alien creature.

The smell of blood along with the stealth and camouflage effect can only mean one thing for the gaming world. The Rennes-based company is cooking something new here, and this is going to be big and brutal.

Additionally, Ubisoft also has added some twists that will prove that the popular alien creature has joined "Ghost Recon Wildlands." The teaser trailer features the alien’s signature symbols, which were used in the "Predator" film series.

The symbols, which appear at the end of the trailer, were scrawled across the screen following the noise of the popular alien character.

As for the upcoming event, Ubisoft said the special event “The Hunt” will be free to play. The developer will be hosting the first glimpse on December 13 on the company’s official Twitch channel.

In addition, the special gaming event will also include the game’s second updateJungle Storm," which set to bring an extra map for the elimination and Uplink modes, new Ranked gameplay, and the new Pathfinder class.

This is not the first time the alien creature has joined the gaming world as a special guest. “The Predator” also entered the first-person shooter game “Call of Duty” in 2014 and NetherRealm’s fighting game "Mortal Kombat X" in 2015.

Ubisoft details upcoming Jungle Storm update

Ubisoft revealed more about upcoming update Jungle Storm, detailing more about new content and updates for the tactical shooter. The upcoming Jungle Storm update, the second update to the “Ghost War" PvP mode, will arrive on December 14.

The "Jungle Storm" update follows the Interference content update, which was released last November. It will bring new maps, new modes, new Ranked Play and the highly lethal and new Pathfinder class. Check out the company’s Twitch channel for more updates this week.