"Destiny 2's" first ever update - "Curse of Osiris" has finally arrived and players are as of late exploring Mercury as they hunt down some Vex scum while earning some new items. However, there are some who went too curious about the new DLC and came across to something quite interesting.

His final resting place?

A couple of players claim that they have discovered something intriguing within the new expansion as the traveled deep into its Dark Future. If their Reddit post is anything to go by, they believe that they might have found the legendary Exo Titan – Saint-14.

Per _Wolvhammer_'s Reddit post over on the "Destiny" subreddit, the player stated that he alongside another player were doing a so-called "Up and Up adventure" all the way to the Dark Future, they've stumbled upon a mysterious door with a very small hole at the center. Just like any curious fan would do, the player peeked through the hole and saw a body floating in midair. He even used his sniper's scope to have a detailed look as to who the being was.

Upon further checking, the fan arrived at an assumption that this could be the body of Saint-14.

He also pointed out the ribbon-like protrusions that were somewhat hanging on the body and even compared it to the one found in one of the new ships dubbed as Saint-14's Gray Pigeon.

For the uninitiated, Saint-14 is an Exo Titan who defended the City during the days where the Wall is being built.

Some of the notable highlights of his career include launching a crusade on the Fallen that overran the City and killing off Solkis. He then flew off to Mercury to track down his former buddy – Osiris.

Meanwhile, Saint-14 gear has been spotted alongside "Curse of Osiris'" release. It can be recalled that a shotgun rifle that dons the Roman numeral 14 with a fleur de lis emblem has been teased early on.

Also, it has been confirmed that the Helm of Saint-14 alongside the Mk.44 stand asides will be included in the Titan item roster.

Another update next week

Bungie also rolled out update 1.1.0 for "Destiny 2." The latest patch focused heavily on "Curse of Osiris" as it buffed Guardians' Super abilities when battling the game's bosses.

Recovery stats were also tweaked so that characters having the lowest recovery totals will regenerate quicker. DeeJ, on the other hand, tweeted that patch 1.1.1 will be dropped on Tuesday, December 12 to usher in more of the updates that they've mentioned in their recent blog post. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: