"Destiny 2's" Curse of Osiris" has finally arrived and the community is doing that grind lately to earn the downloadable content's new and returning items. Just hours from being released, a lot of players have already been rewarded with some awesome exotics including the much talked about Hand Cannon that looks like the Red Death rifle.

Enter Crimson

Players were lucky enough to grab ahold of this bad*ss of a weapon early in the game. Dubbed as Crimson, the description for the new weapon reads: "according to official Vanguard policy, this weapon does not exist." It may well seem to imply the infamy of this beast, not to mention that its usage could be outlawed back then.

A Redditor (Bananaspacebar), took to "Destiny's" subreddit to showcase some perks of the weapon. Per the fan, he claimed that a fellow player obtained the weapon in a public event. He went on, stating that it can be equipped in the kinetic slot alongside some notable features which include a three-round burst and the ability to heal its wielder upon kill. The Redditor even commented that this latest addition will definitely put Better Devils – a legendary hand cannon – to shame.

Lighthouse Easter egg

A few weeks prior to "Curse of Osiris'" official release, Bungie hinted that there's an Easter Egg hidden within the Lighthouse. Players who are still mindful of it checked out the Lighthouse in search of this and were fortunate enough to find it.

There's nothing too amazing about the rewards, but it's still something. Here are the steps to obtain this Easter egg:

  • The first one is near Brother Vance which is a book with a glowing symbol on it. Activate it.
  • The same symbol is also located on a bookshelf to the right from where the players first entered.
  • Next symbol can be found if players are facing the gate where they entered the Lighthouse
  • Just walk a bit to the right and another book can be found near the first fireplace donning the same symbol.
  • The fourth symbol is simply right across from where the second symbol was located.
  • The fifth is a bit tricky since it can be found far left of a wall where a shelf is protruding. Just jump on it and activate the last symbol.
  • If done in the proper order, a conflux will appear. Interact with it to make it disappear and voila, a secret chest will be there.

Bungie also rolled out the patch notes for update 1.1.0 (Curse of Osiris) and fans might want to check the developer's website for a detailed look at it. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: