Bungie has just rolled out another blog post, as they teased some of the upcoming content that fans can expect in "Destiny 2." The developer also provided an explanation detailing the use of the Three of Coins, in which most players believe that this item in the game is bugged.

Per Bungie's recent blog posts, the developer stated that they have been reading players' feedback regarding the contents that they've recently added into the game (Masterworks tier and the Three of Coins consumable). They even made some clarifications about how the new consumable works in the game.

Bungie on Three of Coins

They revealed that the consumable only gives a 50 percent increased chance of getting an Exotic Engram upon completing a certain activity. The game maker further explained that the Three of Coins does not secure them an Exotic Engram with every activity completion, though the odds of getting one is increased.

However, they did advise the "Destiny 2" community to veer away from joining Heroic Strikes if they are grinding for Exotic Engrams. It was discovered that this activity does not roll out higher chances of nailing those Exotics, albeit an equipped 3oC. They went on, stating that they will be providing some workarounds for this issue, though these will arrive early next year.

In the meantime, players can check Vanguard Strikes to have better odds of reeling in those Exotics.

Prior to Bungie's blog post, a Redditor (MattC42) recently took to "Destiny's" subreddit to have his observations be made known.

Per the Redditor's post, he claimed that he gained zero Exotic Engrams after participating in Heroic Strikes. He added that he used both of the Fireteam Medallion and the Three of Coins in hopes of getting an Exotic, though he got nothing from using this strategy.

'Fall of Osiris'' little secret

Meanwhile, "Destiny's" first ever comic - "Fall of Osiris" has been released and is currently available on Bungie's website.

That being said, quite a number of fans are pretty much aware by now of its Hidden treat as it is encoded within its digital pages.

Another Redditor (ThewdsFTW) posted such discovery on the subreddit as it was translated by another member (Thesailejamta) of the community. It was encrypted as a Morse code message at the top of the final banner of the comic. When decrypted, the code reads: "XFVKHPN97." Players can now redeem this code on "Destiny 2's" Code Redemption Portal where they will be given a new emblem dubbed as The Visionary. Check out a video about the game below.