Earlier this year at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) fans were patiently waiting for a "Devil May Cry V" Announcement. Three months later in a post that rocked the internet fans were rewarded with an in-depth breakdown of "Devil May Cry V."

At the same time, Marvel fans discovered "Marvel Heroes Omega" was closing its doors earlier than expected. Developers for the game had some very interesting things to say on Twitter. Fans were hoping to play the game until the end of December but the game was shut down a day before Thanksgiving.

'Devil May Cry V' rumor spotted in the wild

Sneaking in to derail the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 drama are rumors of "Devil May Cry V!" According to The Christian Post, a user by the name of Son of Sparda over at the ResetEra forums posted a mega-bombshell of information about the game. "Devil May Cry V" has been in development for at least two years and fans of the series might be disappointed with the 2019 release date.

Hopefully, Hideaki Itsuno will announce "Devil May Cry V" at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2018.

The game will bring back all the amazing voice actors from previous games, [no confirmation of Lady and Trish returning]. Alongside the voice actors, Hideaki Itsuno’s team will continue their awesome work just like the did in previous "Devil May Cry" games.

ResetEra have more details about the storyline, gameplay, and future updates!

'Marvel Heroes Omega' servers shut down earlier than expected

Since its debut in 2013 "Marvel Heroes" has given gamers playable heroes and villains across the entire Marvel Universe. The game was developed by David Brevik. David was one of the original developers for "Diablo" and "Diablo 2." When Marvel Heroes was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One its name changed to "Marvel Heroes Omega."

Fans and players of the Diablo-style MMO "Marvel Heroes Omega" were in for a double dose of bad news recently.

Six months after the game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developers announced it was shutting down this winter and were keeping the servers up until December 31st. To ease the pain for fans the developers made all characters unlocked and completely free to play. According to PCGamer, developers shut down the servers days before Thanksgiving.

A Twitter post by Anthony Gallegos let the world know how much PTO everyone wasn't getting after they were let go.

Andrew Hair a game developer for "Marvel Heroes Omega" posted this after the servers closed.

Marvel did this a few years ago when they shut down the popular mobile game "Marvel War of Heroes" in 2015.

With Marvel shutting down games like "Marvel Heroes Omega" and both" Avengers Alliance" games for Facebook and mobile, who knows what's next.