October has finally arrived and the much-anticipated downloadable content for "Warframe" - "Plains of Eidolon" is at hand. Digital Extremes has just released some updates regarding the upcoming expansion including a rough estimate on when it will officially go live.

The countdown begins

Digital Extreme's Rebecca Ford recently posted a so-called road map that covered both the "Glassframe Quest" and "Plains of Eidolon." Per the latest update, it featured the inbound game segment's massive map to give its player base a preview on what to expect from the new content.

Ford even tipped as to when the new DLC might come out as she stated that it could be rolled out "within 10 days." Be reminded though that this is just a target date and nothing has been finalized yet.

Tennos playing on PC will be the first ones to traverse Eidolon's vastness by the time it arrives. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, on the other hand, will have it a month later.

On Glassframe Quest

Meanwhile, the post also highlighted the Glassframe Quest. The developer named it as Gara, adding that it was "inspired by the Design Council submission of 'Garasu.'" However, Ford broke the news that the "Quest for Gara" won't be out for a week due to schedule debacles with one of their "Ostron actors." She pointed out though, that Gara is already available, adding that "it will be in the Market" for those who have the means to support them.

Those who cannot need not fret as Ford stated in the post that they are bound to add Gara's components into the Cetus reward tables.

Focus Revamp

It was also reported early on that they implemented a Focus revamp within the game as a new Focus Lens was added known as the Eidolon Lens. As compared to the Greater Lens, the Eidolons have a higher Affinity Conversion percentage at 2.25.

Sniper tweaks were also revealed by the developer as it explained that there will now be a damage decay that will take effect at 400 meters. The fall off will then reduce the damage effect to half at 600 meters.

Other minor changes include color customizable Vandal, and Wraith weapons, Syandana, and the Harkonar Wraith armor.

Players can also rename melee weapons in Hok's Anvil for a price of five Platinum per rename.

For more details about the upcoming updates within "Warframe" including 'Plains of Eidolon's' release date, fans might want to check the game's website. Check out a video about the game here: