The "Plains of Eidolon" DLC is by far the most massive update that "Warframe" is about to get this year. The content was large enough that it can pass as a sequel to the third-person shooter. Now that the new segment is about to drop, Digital Extremes has revealed some upcoming updates with the game most especially with Focus and Sniper changes, Sorties, and other tweaks.

Focusing on Focus

Digital Extremes announced the Eidolon Lenses as its latest addition to "Warframe's" Focus Lens roster. It is said that these lenses will be higher than the Greater Lenses as it will boast a 2.25 percent Affinity Conversion as compared to the Greater's 1.75 percent.

Per the update notes, these new lenses will be available through the Plains of Eidolon Bounty System as players will be able to unlock additional nodes on various Focus Trees.

The developer also gave a heads up that they'll be removing all installed Lenses, though assured its player base that these will be returned to their inventory. They also highlighted that both Passive and Active Focus paths in version 2.0 will increase the survival rate of Operators and at the same time give players the option to delve into battle with buffed up Operator assistance and weapons.

Sniper nerf

Meanwhile, Sniper changes were also tipped by the developer. The game maker announced beforehand about the so-called damage fall off.

Per the blog post, it suggests that this damage decay will take effect at 400 meters with the damage being reduced to half after 600 meters. However, Digital Extremes stated that they haven't spotted any unobstructed line of sight within "Warframe's" current tileset. Another looming sniper tweak is the removal of the reticle sway in all levels including its combo duration that is reduced to two seconds.

However, the Corpus sniper rifle, the Lanka is a different story as its combo duration will be trimmed down to six seconds.

On Sorties

As for Sorties, it was revealed that the Void has been inducted as one of "Warframe's" Sortie regions. The developer further explained that every Sortie that will take place within the Void "will have every mission take place in the Void."

The developer also announced that a couple of Prime (and feared) weapons will be available for the fandom.

Dubbed the Soma Prime assault rifle and the Scindo Prime war axe, these nifty looking weapons can be acquired through the Free Prime with Prime program by simply creating a Twitch Prime account and linking both "Warframe" and Twitch Prime accounts. For further details about this program and the upcoming updates, one might want to check "Warframe's" official website. Check out a video about the game here: