Sony Rewards has recently added Playstation Trophies to the list of ways to earn points based on how many trophies you have. You can earn Free Games, movies, music, or just get credit on PSN (PlayStation Network) and get what you want. It will probably take a while to earn enough points to pay for a full game though. You could probably earn a few platinum trophies by the time the holiday sales hit PSN and grab a few digital copies of some great games.

What trophies are worth

The program gives reward points based on the value of a trophy and how many of them you have.

Bronze trophies aren't worth any points, 100 silver trophies are worth 100 points, 25 gold trophies are worth 250 points, and 10 platinum trophies are worth 1000 points. 1000 points can be redeemed for a $10 PSN credit. A big thing here is that all the trophies earned before signing up for the program do not count toward any points. So if you have a lot of trophies right now none of those counts. This also only applies to the United States as of now.

It's about time

Gamers have been wanting to get some kind of reward for things like this for a long time. The Xbox 360 came out in 2006 and that system launched with achievements. They work the same as trophies but just have a number value to them that adds up to 1000 gamerscore per game.

There have been rumors for years that Microsoft was going to give rewards for achievements but this is the first time either side has made a step in that direction. It's kind of surprising that it's Sony taking the step in this direction, seeing as all the rumors have been with Xbox. It might have to do with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by quite a bit, at this point, because Sony seems to have the stronger lineup of exclusive games and they feel they can take a chance with something like this.

October saw the release of quite a few big name games like "Assassin's Creed: Origins" and "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" to name a few. So if you have a PS4, or maybe are planning on getting one around Black Friday, then you can sign up for Sony Rewards, play some of these new games and earn trophies, and test the rewards program out.

There are also some really great games out there like "Horizon: Zero Dawn" and "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" that are pretty simple to earn the platinum trophy in. It will definitely take some time to earn enough trophies to get some rewards, but it's nice to have an incentive to go for trophies outside of just getting them.