Horizon: Zero DawnThe Frozen Wildsnew trailer was revealed on October 30 by game company Sony during the Paris Games Week Conference. It contained several combat action scenes of Aloy fighting new robotic creatures up in the north.

Game developer Guerilla Games has also partnered with Capcom to surprise the fans of the “Monster Hunter” and “Horizon: Zero Dawn” game franchises. A special character was recently introduced in another trailer for the upcoming hunting video game. That character will be exclusive to the PlayStation console.

New trailer contents

The new trailer for the upcoming expansion of the popular video game showcased the frozen expanse of the northern Frozen Wilds. It showed only a few action scenes that featured Aloy battling an unknown large robotic snake creature. It also revealed some new outfits and weapons that she could equip.

The trailer also revealed new hunting mechanics for the heroine. It showed that players can now get creative in hunting flying robotic creatures and others.

Game developers give statement and release dates

The game developers stated that the upcoming expansion will include a new area to explore filled with new content. This expansion will include new mysteries to uncover and new, highly lethal machines.

The new expansion will be released on Nov. 7. It will be included in the upcoming “Horizon: Zero DawnComplete edition on Dec. 5.

Aloy stars in ‘Monster Hunter World’

In other “Horizon: Zero Dawn” related news, the heroine will star in upcoming monster hunting video gameMonster Hunter World.” Fans were surprised when she was shown at the end of the game trailer.

This was possible due to the collaboration of Capcom and Guerilla Games.

Exclusive playable character and cute companion

Aloy will be a playable character exclusive to the PlayStation version of the video game. As shown in the trailer below, she had on her traditional outfit when she fought a dragon and other monsters. Her companion is a small Watcher, a small mechanical creature in the original video game.

New features and weapon handling

The trailer showcased numerous new monsters that can be fought in the video game. A big boat with different NPCs that hosted shops was introduced. Different weapons and how the characters wielded them in battle were also shown.

Monster Hunter World” will be released on January 26, 2018. It will launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the "Monster Hunter World" PGW trailer here: